Is Gray Zone Warfare Coming to PS5 or Xbox?

Three soldiers in camo gear carrying rifles with a helicopter in the background from Gray Zone Warfare.
Credit: MADFINGER Games

Three soldiers in camo gear carrying rifles with a helicopter in the background from Gray Zone Warfare.
Credit: MADFINGER Games

A tactical first-person shooter with a focus on realism and placed in an expansive MMO setting is bound to catch the eyes of many. But is Gray Zone Warfare on PS5 or Xbox? This guide has the intel on whether or not the FPS game is available for console gamers.

There’s no shortage of action in Gray Zone Warfare as you can either team up with others to take on tasks or go toe-to-toe with players on opposing factions. The competition can get pretty intense during matches, so you’re going to want to aim for the best weapons and gear in the Gray Zone Warfare meta to stay on top.

And with that, here's all you need to know about a Gray Zone Warfare PS5 or Xbox release to let console players in on the action.

Is Gray Zone Warfare Coming to PS5 or Xbox?

Gray Zone Warfare is not available on PlayStation 5 or Xbox consoles right now, although the developer has confirmed that a console release is planned. The game is currently in Early Access and only available to PC players on Steam.

MADFINGER Games, the developer behind the tactical shooter, has expressed interest in releasing Gray Zone Warfare on consoles in the future. In an interview with GameRant, the developer explains that it is "planning it." However, for now, the developer is focusing on PC first to stabilize the experience, with a PS5 and Xbox release later down the line if the game is suitable and would run on these consoles. Interestingly, the developer points out that there are surprisingly few tactical shooters on console, making a Gray Zone Warfare console release a great opportunity if it comes to fruition.

A first-person screenshot of a player holding their rifle at the ready while looking upwards at a large building under construction through some trees.
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Credit: MADFINGER Games. Screenshot taken by Stealth Optional.

There’s no telling how long Gray Zone Warfare will stay in Early Access, but the developers have said that it could take years before the tactical shooter sees an official release. With that in mind, don’t expect to see Gray Zone Warfare on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S any time soon.

From my experience with Gray Zone so far, it's clearly designed as a PC title first and foremost. From the clunky menus intended for a mouse and keyboard to the many, many additional mechanics like leaning, controlling crouch height, and inspecting your weapon that would be challenging to adapt to a controller. This is cemented by the fact that, right now, there isn't even controller support available on PC.

So, while a Gray Zone PS5 and Xbox release is certainly on the table at MADFINGER Games, it will undoubtedly take a long time before it releases - likely in late 2025 at the earliest.

That’s all the info we have on Gray Zone Warfare on PS5 or Xbox and when you can expect to play it on console. We’ll be sure to give this guide an update if anything changes. In the meantime, you can check our guide on the best Gray Zone Warfare settings to make sure you don’t run into any performance issues and improve FPS if you've caved and decided to play it on PC.

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