Gray Zone Warfare Factions Explained - Which Faction to Choose

Soldier holding a gun in a forested area in Gray Zone Warfare
Credit: MADFINGER Games

Soldier holding a gun in a forested area in Gray Zone Warfare
Credit: MADFINGER Games

Right off the bat, Gray Zone Warfare gives you a difficult choice to make - which Gray Zone Warfare faction do you want to join? It can seem like a fairly big decision early on, so before you dive into a random faction, make sure to read all of our guide to know which team to join.

No matter which of the Gray Zone Warfare editions you bought, this hardcore FPS will give you a tough time, so it's important to make the right choice with some critical decisions. So, get to grips with the Gray Zone Warfare meta and meet all the factions. If you're suffering from poor performance, make sure to check out the best Gray Zone Warfare settings while you're at it.

What Are the Gray Zone Warfare Factions?

There are three Gray Zone Warfare factions:

  • Lamang Recovery Initiative (LRC)
  • Mithras Security Systems (MSS)
  • Crimson Shield International (CSI)

All three of these factions are PMCs, or Private Military Companies, and these are the descriptions:

Lamang Recovery Initiative

Despite being funded by a tech billionaire, the LRC prides itself on being a strictly philanthropic private military, focused on finding survivors in various war zones.

Mithras Security Systems

Mithras, on the other hand, is a PMC that prides itself on being the best of the best. There's no asking questions about the Operators intentions, but rather, it's an army of soldiers that work hard together, with the only requirement being that you're a good soldier.

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Crimson Shield International

Finally, the last launch faction, CSI is the most... controversial choice. Despite a high success rate of 95%, CSI's methods are fairly questionable. Their cold-blooded approach to situations usually means there are some unwanted casualties, but their effectiveness provides them with good reason to act the way they do.

In-game screenshot of the Gray Zone Warfare factions at launch
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Credit: StealthOptional

Which Gray Zone Warfare faction is the Best to Choose?

While each faction's description should give you a good idea of what faction you want to join, the best faction to choose is one with your friends. This is because you can only play with friends in the same faction as you. There is no gameplay difference between each faction.

During matches, you'll be joining 15 other players within your faction, joining forces against hundreds of AI enemies, as well as 32 other players, 16 for each of the opposing factions. As such, you can only play with your friends. And worst of all, picking the wrong faction causes some hurdles.

How to Change Your Gray Zone Warfare Faction?

Thanks to the Hotfix 2 update on Thursday, May 2, 2024, you can now change your faction in Gray Zone Warfare. To do this, you must select to wipe your account on the main menu. This will reset your progress and delete your character, letting you make a new character and choose your faction again. Don't worry, although you will lose your progress each time you wipe your account, you will get Edition Content and starter gear again.

Deleting a character is irreversible and has a one-hour cooldown period, but it means you can now change your faction - which is crucial if you accidentally chose a different faction from your buddies.

Prior to this update, you could only change your Gray Zone Warfare faction after every reset. That meant you needed to wait for the next Gray Zone Warfare wipe before you could join your friends. If you made the wrong choice, that is.

That's everything you need to know about the Gray Zone Warfare factions - hopefully, you'll have a good idea of which faction to join, and you'll be able to convince your friends to tag along with you. Learn the ins and outs of the Gray Zone Warfare map and start gearing up for PvE and PvP using the full Gray Zone Warfare weapons list.

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