Gray Zone Warfare Meta - The Best Weapons and Gear You Can Get

A close-up image of a soldier from Gray Zone Warfare running towards the camera with an upgraded assault rifle.
Credit: MADFINGER Games.

A close-up image of a soldier from Gray Zone Warfare running towards the camera with an upgraded assault rifle.
Credit: MADFINGER Games.

Gray Zone Warfare is a punishing experience. You’re supposed to die and lose your gear on a regular basis all so you can fight your way back to your body or venture deeper into Lamang for ever better gear. However, having a solid grasp of the Gray Zone Warfare meta will go a long way in helping you stay alive out there.

So, if you’re looking for the best Gray Zone Warfare weapons and gear, then you’re in the right place. Our guide will go over the current meta so you know what to use and how you can get your hands on it - whether you’re playing the Gray Zone Warfare PvE mode or braving PvP.

Gray Zone Warfare Meta - Best Weapons Ranked

The best weapons in the Gray Zone Warfare meta right now are:

  • MK18
  • Mosin
  • AKM
  • M4A1
  • M870

With 18 guns to choose from, there are a lot of options to add to your loadout before heading out on your next run. While you can’t really go wrong with any of them - unless it’s the oddly terrible sidearms - some certainly stand out from the crowd.

A screenshot of the inventory and shop menu, showing the M4A1 and the available attachments for it.
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Credit: MADFINGER Games. Screenshot taken by Stealth Optional.
Remember to equip the best weapons with attachments to improve their stats even further.

Early on, the AKM and the other AK variants will be your best friend. While they come with quite a bit of kick by default, the AKM packs a punch. Equip it with an optic and a foregrip and you’ll have a deadly weapon for close to mid-range engagements. Plus, if you can hit a headshot, it’s often enough to kill an enemy in a single shot from my experience - unlike the M4A1. What makes the AKM even better is that it’s effectively free since almost every AI enemy in the starting towns for each of the Gray Zone Warfare factions uses them. So, if you’re looking for the best weapon in the Gray Zone meta early on, the AKM is certainly the way to go.

A first-person screenshot of the player holding an AKM assault rifle at the hip while looking at a small doctor's office with a jeep parked outside.
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Credit: MADFINGER Games. Screenshot taken by Stealth Optional.

While I wouldn’t recommend the M870 or shotguns in general for most players given their limited range, if you’re playing with friends, having one person with a shotgun is a great idea. Not only is the M870 remarkably cheap and satisfying to use, but it’s also lethal once you get within its effective range. Outside of groups, I’ve mainly just used it as a cost-effective weapon to equip on recovery runs if I’ve died with more valuable weapons and want to get them back.

From here, once you’ve progressed outside of the starting town, you’ll begin to get your hands on the true Gray Zone Warfare best weapons - the MK18 and the Mosin.

The MK18 is a reliable rifle that works wonders at almost any range if you’ve got a clear optic attached to this bad boy. It’s much more dependable than the early-game assault rifles - though it does sting more when you lose it as they’re not as easy to get your hands on. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to get the MK18 without trying your luck, then you’ll have to reach level 3 reputation with Gunny.

The Mosin Nagant, on the other hand, is a powerful bolt-action rifle. While it’s not as strong in close range due to its slow and clunky handling, the Mosin is a powerhouse at longer ranges. See a target in the distance? Line up your sniper and drop them with ease. All you’ll need to a scope and you’re good to go. However, a suppressor is also a good investment once you unlock them.

As an alternative to the Mosin early on, I recommend the SKS. Still packing quite a punch, the SKS is much easier to acquire as even enemies in the starting towns can drop it - though it is rarer than the likes of the AKM.

A first-person image of the player firing at an enemy at the end of the road using an M4A1 assault rifle equipped with a holographic sight.
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Credit: MADFINGER Games. Screenshot taken by Stealth Optional.

Gray Zone Warfare Meta - Best Gear

Choosing the best gear in the Gray Zone Warfare meta is slightly more difficult. Generally, though, you’ll want to ensure you’re going into the field with at least a TC-2000 helmet and a Commander vest. Once you’ve got more money and loot, however, look for items like the Lancer or CGPC3 vests, and bags like the Scorpion and Patrol.

This will ensure you’ve always got sufficient armor and carrying capacity. Since shots to the head and heart are one-hit kills, a sturdy helmet and vest are a must-have if you’re going on a run with loot you’d rather not lose if you died. The large bags are mainly so that you can carry an additional weapon and gear that you find on runs, whether to sell later or stockpile. It also means you don’t have to sacrifice medical supplies like gauze, splints, and bandages.

So, that’s the Gray Zone Warfare meta right now, complete with all the best weapons and gear you should be looking out for while exploring the large map of Lamang. Keep in mind that you can’t keep even the best guns in your arsenal for too long. With the Gray Zone Warfare wipe system periodically resetting your progress, you’ll eventually have to say goodbye. In other words, if you’ve got good loot, don’t be scared to use it.

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