How to Fix Gray Zone Warfare Crashing

An image of three soldiers with guns in a field and an helicoper in the background - Gray Zone Warfare Crashing - Fix "GPU Crash dump Triggered" error

An image of three soldiers with guns in a field and an helicoper in the background - Gray Zone Warfare Crashing - Fix "GPU Crash dump Triggered" error

If you're encountering crashing in Gray Zone Warfare accompanied by the "GPU Crash Dump Triggered" error, either when trying to load into a server or simply while idle in the base, rest assured that you are not the only one.

While Gray Zone Warfare is one of the impressive games released recently, several issues are detracting from the overall experience. Problems such as server errors, anti-cheat problems, and frequent crashing are some of the main concerns players are facing.

In this guide, we will share proven solutions along with standard troubleshooting tips to help you resolve crashing in Gray Zone Warfare and eliminate the "GPU Crash Dump Triggered" error. But, before that, check out the weapons list.

How to Fix Gray Zone Warfare Crashing

To fix Gray Zone Warfare crashing, begin by disabling any active overlays. This includes overlays from Discord, Steam, Radeon, Rainmeter, HWiNFO, and similar programs. A Reddit user reported that turning off these overlays resolved their crashing problem.

If you encounter the "GPU Crash Dump Triggered" error in Gray Zone Warfare, consider switching from DLSS to FSR. Additionally, disabling FidelityFX Frame Generation has been reported by players to effectively resolve this crashing issue.

In case the crashing issue in Gray Zone Warfare continues despite implementing the previously mentioned tips, here are some common solutions you can try:

  • Update your drivers: Ensure that your graphics card, sound card, and other relevant drivers are up to date.
  • Check the server status: Crashing may be due to server downtime or technical issues. Ensure that the server is active and functioning properly.
  • Update the game: Make sure you have the latest version of the game installed. Developers often release patches to fix bugs and improve stability.
  • Lower graphics settings: Reduce the game’s graphics settings to see if the crashes are related to system performance under high settings.
  • Terminate background programs: Close unnecessary background apps that could consume system resources or interfere with the game.
  • Remove overclocking: If you have overclocked your CPU or GPU, revert to default speeds. Overclocking can cause stability issues and crashes.
  • Reinstall the game: If none of the above solutions works, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.

With these troubleshooting tips, you should hopefully be able to resolve the crashing issues in Gray Zone Warfare. Before heading off, check out our other Gray Zone Warfare guides, including how to use voice chat and how to improve FPS.

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