How to get Water in Enshrouded

A well in Enshrouded

A well in Enshrouded

No matter how big of a sword you wield or how powerful of a spell you cast, you’ll still need the most basic of necessities to survive the elements. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to get Water in Enshrouded to make sure you stay hydrated while you run around the Kindlewastes in a full set of armour.

Enshrouded is an action RPG that’s rife with adventure. But before you set out to learn the secrets of Embervale, you’ll need to stay alive by scavenging the land for items like Metal Scraps and String.

So if you’re starting to feel parched from all your adventuring, then let’s go ahead and find out how to get Water in Enshrouded.

A settlement in Enshrouded
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Where to get Water in Enshrouded

Though you may come across some natural sources of Water in Enshrouded such as lakes or streams, you won’t be able to gather any from them like you would in other survival games. Instead, you can loot water off of things like tables, crates, and even bears or go to the nearest well.

Looting is an unreliable source of Water as it won’t be guaranteed to be on every single crate, sack, or table. Gathering Water from wells is the more consistent way to go, so make sure you keep track of where these structures are.

After making a fair bit of progress into Enshrouded, you’ll be able to craft wells of your own. You can start building wells after gaining access to Carpenter and Masonry Tools. Wells will replenish their Water supply after some time, so make sure to check back on them regularly for a steady supply.

And that’s our guide on how to get Water in enshrouded. For more on the survival game, check out our guides on how to get Spell Charges and how to craft Bronze Bars.

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