How to get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Metal Scraps - player holds a glowing sword
Credit: Keen Games

Metal Scraps - player holds a glowing sword
Credit: Keen Games

Trying to find Metal Scraps in Enshrouded? In the crafting and survival RPG Enshrouded, you're going to need lots of metal to make various items such as weapons and armour. In this guide, we'll take you through how to get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded.

Set in the expansive fantasy world of Embervale, Enshrouded features meticulously crafted landscapes, including ruins, villages, wells, and ravines. The game encourages exploration and crafting with various quests, leading players to gather materials that they can use to craft useful structures and items.

Finding resources in Enshrouded can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it you're really going to enjoy crafting. Without further ado, let's find out how you can get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded.

Metal Scraps - two men in a rustic house
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How to get Enshrouded metal scraps

Identifying Metal Scraps in abandoned locations may prove challenging due to their inconspicuous appearance. When you approach them closely, a prompt will appear, allowing you to press E and collect the Metal Scraps for your inventory. Once you know what to look for, it gets easier.

Here are all the ways you can get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded:

Defeat Scavenger enemies

Scavengers are human enemies who often wear large spiked helmets or hoods and almost always drop Metal Scraps when killed. You can find Scavengers in the regions beyond the Shroud, rummaging through ruins in search of valuable items. Defeating them with fetch you Metal Scraps, Fur, and Animal Skins.

Loot from ruins and deserted settlements

You can check the workbenches in deserted settlements and ruins to usually find some Scrap Metal to loot. Enshrouded offers numerous abandoned settlements to explore, so you should thoroughly investigate any sites you encounter during your travels. Additionally, Metal Scraps can be obtained by destroying metal objects.

The best place to farm Metal Scraps in the early game is the small settlement called Rookmore, which is west of Braelyn Bridge. You can't cross the bridge until you get a Grappling Hook, so go into the Shroud below and then walk west to find Rookmore.

Open chests

Chests rarely have Metal Scraps, but they are worth opening for the chance of getting them and other loot. We suggest bringing some lockpicks with you to open the more valuable chests—but you have to get some Metal Scraps first to make lockpicks.

Lastly, it’s good to know that materials and enemies will reappear after a short time in-game, so you can linger around and farm Metal Scraps from the same location.

That concludes our guide on how to get Metal Scraps in Enshrouded. Now that you know where to get the material, you can get busy crafting! For more guides on this game, make sure to check out how to get Clay in Enshrouded.

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