How to get Spell Charges in Enshrouded

Spell Charges - player sits in front of a flaming bucket

Spell Charges - player sits in front of a flaming bucket

Want to get your hands on Spell Charges? In Enshrouded, you have the freedom to choose between several weapons, including Clubs, Swords and Maces—and Staffs if you like to use Magic.

However, opting for a Staff goes beyond acquiring the correct spells and having sufficient mana. To cast spells effectively, you must also possess a stock of items known as Spell Charges. In this guide, we'll take you through how to get Spell Charges in Enshrouded.

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Spell Charges - player wearing armour
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Enshrouded Spell Charges - How to get

In Enshrouded, Spell Charges serve as the ammunition, i.e., Staff Ammo, which you need to craft or collect. Staffs in the game require Mana and Spell Charges to cast magical spells.

Each staff in Enshrouded has a unique type of Charge which is essential for engaging in staff-based combat. You can easily do this using the action bar or the ranged combat button.

The Spell Ammo count in Enshrouded is visible at the top right of the spell, representing the number of times you can cast that particular spell from your staff before depleting its Spell Charges.

In the early stages of the game, your magical options are limited. Upon unlocking the recipe for a basic Staff, requiring 1 Bone and 2 Resin, your primary source of Spell Charges will be collecting them from Chests and Crates.

Different Spell Charges are scattered across Embervale, and certain types may be more prevalent in specific regions, so you'll need to explore as you level up to get the more powerful ones.

Meanwhile, you'll encounter the Survivor Alchemist who will teach you various Magic recipes. Then, you'll be able to craft Spell Charges by collecting various materials.

Upon rescuing the Alchemist and adding them to your base, you'll gain access to advanced Staff recipes, allowing you to craft a broad range of Ammo for your Spells.

To craft these Charges, you'll need to gather rare materials found around the map, including Water, Bones, Aureolin Flower, Resin, and Shroud Liquid. Make sure you collect these resources whenever possible to enhance your magical arsenal.

Additionally, don't forget that you can also get Eternal spells, which do not consume Spell Charges, thus providing permanent spells with fixed spell damage, cast time, and mana cost. You can get them as drops from boxes initially, and later craft them at the Alchemist.

That's everything you need to know to get Spell Charges in Enshrouded. Now you can dive back into the game and power up your Staff! For more tips, here's how to get Metal Scraps and Salt in Enshrouded.

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