Does Payday 3 beta progress carry over?

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Does Payday 3 beta progress carry over - An image of the 4 masks from Payday 3
Credit: Starbreeze Studios

Players who have participated in both the Payday 3 closed beta and the more recent open beta are now collectively musing over a pivotal query: Does Payday 3 beta progress carry over to the release version of the game?

It's natural to wonder about progress transfer because no one wants to lose the gun upgrades, character progression, and Infamy Level they've achieved. Thankfully, the developer has provided a clear answer to this question, eliminating any need for speculation.

So without further ado, let's find out whether the progress made in the Payday 3 beta carries over to the full version of the game.

Does Payday 3 beta progress carry over?

According to the official FAQ for Payday 3's beta, it's important to note that Payday 3 beta progress does not carry over to the full game. Any progress made in the beta stays in the beta version.

This means that any progress you've made in the Payday 3 beta, such as levelling up your weapons or infamy, will, unfortunately, be lost. This applies to both the Xbox and Steam versions, as explicitly mentioned in the official FAQ.

So when Payday 3 launches on September 21, you'll need to start fresh. To assist you in this new journey, we've prepared some helpful guides on skill building and team composition. Be sure to check them out while you eagerly await the release date.

Payday 3 beta end time

Payday 3 open beta ended on September 11 at 1 AM PDT.

Since Payday 3 is always online, the primary objective of the open beta was to stress-test the game servers. The developers wanted to see how the servers could handle simultaneous logins and matchmaking.


Although problems like the nebula error and login issues cropped up during the beta, it was a successful testing phase. The developers have confirmed that they fixed some issues immediately and have plans to address the rest before the official release date.

And that covers everything you should know about the Payday 3 beta progress. While you wait for the game to launch, why don't you have a look at the exciting Payday 3 roadmap for the first year?

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