Payday 3 best team compositions - what are they?

Best team compositions - picture of Dallas reloading a Carbine
Credit: Starbreeze

Best team compositions - picture of Dallas reloading a Carbine
Credit: Starbreeze

Are you curious about the Payday 3 best team compositions possible? Since Payday 3 has innovative game mechanics, it can pave the way for unique game builds loaded with specific strategies.

The most effective team builds are helpful for the Payday 3 beta gameplay. Such builds will even be more useful after Payday 3’s release date.

So, what are the Payday 3 best team compositions possible? Read this guide to find out. We’ve compiled different team builds optimised around heist maps, challenges, weapon loadouts, and character perks.

What are the Payday 3 best team compositions?

While there are dozens of team combos for Payday 3, our favourite team builds are stealth, loud, and rusher. These builds depend on a combination of several skills that can be equipped before a heist.

The stealth team composition is all about deception and trickery. With this team build, one or two heisters should focus on bypassing security and knocking down guards. The stealthy team approach relies on silenced weapons and fast tools.

The opposite of stealth is the loud team build. In this build, you and your teammates can go guns blazing all over the heist location. However, the loud build is dangerous because it packs a lot of heat, effectively doubling the number of SWAT responders.

The rusher team build is a combination of multiple skill trees like Manipulator, Sharpshooter, and Mower. Rusher-heisters are highly versatile and can switch roles if needed. Assault rifles and SMGs are the best options for rusher loadouts.

Best Payday 3 builds for challenges

All builds have the potential to finish most of the challenges in Payday 3, but we must confess that our favourites are stealth and rusher. We’ve chosen these two builds because of their flexibility, functionality, and objective-driven approach.

Just remember that your success as a Payday 3 heister depends also on your gaming skill, reaction time, and coordination. Following a build is just one of the basic ways to play the game.

And that’s the full information we have about Payday 3’s best team compositions. You can prepare for Payday 3’s global launch by reading our guides on best guns and ammo acquisition.

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