Cities: Skylines 2 landfills - How to empty a landfill in Cities: Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 landfills

Cities Skylines 2 landfills

Many gamers enjoy taking on the burden of saving the world from destruction, but others prefer the intricacies of proper city management. If you’re the latter, you might be interested in learning how to empty Cities: Skylines 2 landfills to keep your city clean and sanitary.

Cities: Skylines 2 is a city management simulator with plenty of features to get into like setting up public transportation and providing internet services to your city’s inhabitants.

But for this guide, we’ll stay focused on dealing with your Cities: Skylines 2 landfills.

How to empty a landfill in Cities: Skylines 2

Getting overwhelmed by Cities: Skylines 2 is normal, but it makes even the simplest of tasks easy to overlook. So whether you’re new to the game or need a refresher, here’s how to empty a landfill in Cities: Skylines 2.

  • Build another type of waste processing facility like an incinerator or recycling plant.
  • Open your menu and select the landfill you wish to empty.
  • Click on “empty building to another facility”.

Once you do this, you will see an icon on top of the landfill, indicating that it is being emptied. During this process, the trucks associated with this landfill will start delivering garbage to other waste processing facilities.

After a landfill is completely emptied, you will need to manually toggle emptying mode for it to go back to collecting garbage. However, you can mitigate the frequency with which you empty these facilities by planning ahead.

Cities: Skylines 2 has added a feature that allows you to manually create the area for your landfills. In other words, you can determine how big your landfills will be.

What happens to a full landfill in Cities: Skylines 2?

When a landfill is at full capacity, garbage trucks that are deployed from it will stop going out and making their rounds to collect waste. Even if other landfills have enough room for more trash, these trucks will refuse to go on their routes.

Your city could then be affected in a variety of ways once trash starts to pile up in the streets. People in residential areas will become more likely to get sick, while those in the business district may start to abandon unsanitary buildings.

So, whatever it is you are focusing on in your Cities: Skylines 2 playthrough, make sure to check on your landfills from time to time.

And that’s our guide on Cities: Skylines 2 landfills. For more tips on managing your city, you can also check our guides on dealing with noise pollution and sewage backup.

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