Cities: Skylines 2 garbage trucks – how to get garbage trucks

Cities Skylines 2 garbage trucks

Cities Skylines 2 garbage trucks

One big aspect of city management is keeping your metropolis clean. A great way to do that in Colossal Order’s upcoming release is with some Cities: Skylines 2 garbage trucks. In this guide, we’ll go over what you need to do to get these vehicles.

Having garbage trucks regularly collect trash is a great way to keep your citizens happy and healthy. Setting up an efficient garbage collection system can allow you to shift your focus to other things like dealing with noise pollution in your city.

So let’s figure out how to get those Cities: Skylines 2 garbage trucks to help with your city management.

How to get garbage trucks in Cities: Skylines 2

While garbage trucks do make an appearance in the Cities: Skylines 2 city services feature video, there aren’t any details on how to get them. So until the game comes out or more details are revealed, we’ll assume that you can get garbage trucks in Cities: Skylines 2 the same way you would in Cities: Skylines 1.

To get garbage trucks in Cities: Skylines, all you’ll need to do is build a garbage facility. Once you do, the building will start deploying garbage trucks around the city to pick up waste. There are several types of garbage facilities that become available as you progress through the game, and each one will have a set number of trucks that can be deployed.

The first garbage facility you will be able to build is the landfill site, which can distribute up to 15 trucks throughout your city.

How do you use garbage trucks once they are deployed?

Garbage trucks in Cities: Skylines move about and collect waste automatically.

But that doesn’t mean you can just build a garbage facility and be done with it. Once garbage trucks reach maximum capacity, they will return to their respective facility to drop off the trash. Because of how this works, some buildings might not get their waste collected regularly.

To address this issue, make sure you have enough garbage facilities that are properly distributed across the map.

And that’s our guide on how to get garbage trucks in Cities: Skylines 2. If you’re excited to play this city-building simulator on PC, don’t forget to check its system requirements before buying it!

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