Are Apex Legends servers down? Find status and downtime

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Are Apex Legends servers down? Find status and downtime

Apex Legends is not immune to the occasional hiccup that can disrupt its immersive world and leave players wondering, "Are the Apex Legends servers down?"

In the pursuit of thrilling victories and epic encounters, players often find themselves entangled in moments of uncertainty, desperately seeking answers as to whether their connection issues are localized or part of a larger problem.

In this article, we embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries behind server downtime in Apex Legends and equip players with the knowledge to understand the status of the game's servers at any given time.

Apex Legends server status

At the time of writing on 22 May 2023, Apex Legends servers appear to be operational and running smoothly.

The server infrastructure seems to be providing a stable gaming experience, allowing players to connect seamlessly and participate in matches across various game modes. So, if you are encountering any connection issues, it is likely due to your internet connection.

Try basic troubleshooting tips such as resetting your router, changing your DNS and connecting using a VPN. If you are getting the error code Leaf while trying to connect, we recommend you try the tips in the linked article.

How to check if the Apex Legends 2 servers are down

To check if the Apex Legends 2 servers are down, visit the Apex Legends servers page which serves as a central hub for server status information.


If you're playing Apex Legends on Xbox or PlayStation, check the Xbox Live status page or PlayStation Network status page to determine if Apex Legends 2 servers are down.

Additionally, you can check the official Apex Legends Twitter account, where developers often provide updates on server maintenance and any ongoing issues.

By visiting Downdetector's dedicated Apex Legends page, you can gain insights into the current server status, outage reports, and the overall sentiment of the player community.

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