Apex Legends Error Code 100: How To Fix 'Unable To Complete EA Account Sign In' Issue

Among the many error codes that players experience on Apex Legends, Error Code 100 is one we see pretty regularly. Despite having been around since 2020, there doesn't appear to have been a great deal of urgency from EA to provide a solution, leaving fans of the title a tad frustrated.

While there may not be an official fix, there are a couple of solutions that players routinely find effective in fixing Error Code 100. We'll run through these with you, so that you can get back into Apex Legends sooner rather than later.

How to fix Apex Legends Error Code 100

As we mentioned in our intro, EA haven't exactly been working at speed to address this issue. At the time of writing, no official fix has been suggested, leaving us to piece together solutions for ourselves. Luckily, there are a few remedies which appear to have been effective for players. These are as follows:

  • First, make sure there isn't an issue with the game servers. You can check the Apex Legendsservers here or follow them on Twitter for updates. If you are on Xbox, check the Xbox status. While for PlayStation, check the PlayStation Network. If there are server problems, you may be very limited in terms of what you can do, at least until the issues have been resolved.
  • There are some additional server related tips you can try. Some players have reported that during login, pressing R3 and then choosing the closest server has enabled them to access the game.
  • Conversely, if your local server is the one experiencing the problem, you could try using a VPN to connect to an alternative server.
  • If you are on PSN, some users have reported that linking their PSN to their EA Account has worked. This doesn't appear to be effective in all cases, however.
  • Another possible fix is the classic: restart your device and relaunch the game.
  • And finally, some users have reported that changing their DNS settings has been effective for them. Whatever platform you are using, setting your Preferred DNS server as and your Alternate DNS server as then restarting your device, has worked in some cases.

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What is Error Code 100?

As the title of this article suggested, when players encounter Error Code 100, they get the message:

Unable To Complete EA Account Sign In

Generally speaking, an error like this is caused by a problem on the server side, which is preventing the account details from being verified properly. Unfortunately, a server-side problem is often one that can't be fixed easily. It may just be that the best option is to wait, and the problem will often resolve itself eventually.

If you find that you are having no joy after trying all the solutions we outlined, and waiting patiently? It may be worth contacting EA Help for additional advice and support.

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