Apex Legends Error Code Leaf: How To Fix 'Connection To Server Timed Out' Error

Error Code Leaf on Apex Legends is one we would rather stayed on the tree this Autumn. Players have been left exasperated as Error Code Leaf has thwarted their attempts to play Apex Legends. It seems to be a fairly widespread issue as well, affecting players around the world.

So it's time to put down your usual weapon, and join us in picking up a leaf blower. Together, we'll help you to understand what Error Code Leaf is, and what you can do to get rid of it.

How to fix Error Code Lead on Apex Legends

If Error Code Leaf has been stopping you from playing Apex Legends, then here's what we recommend you try:

  • Start by making sure your internet connection is working correctly. Power cycle your router and modem. Try switching from WiFi to an Ethernet connection. Make sure you don't have lots of apps and devices competing for bandwidth. Test your internet speed.
  • It's also worth checking to see if there are any server related issues. If the game servers are down, then it's time to break out the Monopoly (other board games are available) set until it's resolved.
  • Make sure you don't have updates pending. If you do, get them downloaded and installed.
  • It is possible that this error is only affecting your local server. So it might be worth trying a VPN, to gain access to a server in a different location. The reverse is true if you are currently using a VPN. Try connecting to your closest server, and see if that makes a difference.

If nothing seems to be working, then it may be time to reach out to EA for further help and support. But even if you have managed tog et back online, what exactly is Error Code Leaf?

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What is Error Code Leaf?

When players get the Leaf error, it is accompanied by the following message:

error: connection to server timed out (code: leaf)

The error was historically linked to game patches, but two years on, it's an error which is still throwing up problems for players. And when it hits, it seems to hit hard. Players are unable to join matches, or get booted out of matches back to the lobby. In some cases, the game just freezes, rendering it unplayable.

The fact that the error seems to hit players wherever they are, is indicative of a server issue at the game's end, rather than a specific problem with the user. But having said that, it's still worth giving our tips a try. In some cases, they have been effective.

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