Xbox Series X: 4K images revealed as Windows 10 theme for PC

The latest images of Microsoft’s new next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, have been neatly packaged in a Windows 10 theme for all to enjoy.

The theme only requires 3.53MB of space on user’s computers which is surprisingly small considering the quality of images included.

In Microsoft’s description of the theme, their new Xbox Series X console is described as the, “most powerful console ever”, a bold claim to make amidst the on-going rivalry with Sony’s console offering - the PS5.

Microsoft’s theme includes 16 high-res images of the Xbox Series X including close-up shots of the console’s controller, a frontal shot of the console as well as a high-shot that focuses on the iconic Xbox green colour.

How to install the latest theme

Microsoft’s latest release of Xbox Series X promotional material can be accessed here.

Simply follow the link and click on the “get” button on the right hand side of the screen. Next, the option to install the theme should be selected. Once the theme has finished installing, click on the prompt to apply the theme.

Please note that the Microsoft Store states the images can only be used as desktop wallpapers.

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Xbox Series X
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The innards of an Xbox Series X.

More Xbox Series X news soon?

One could suggest that Microsoft publishing a sizable theme full of Xbox Series X images may be a ploy to try and build hype and excitement for the console before further announcements are made.

With the Xbox Series X’s release date slowly approaching and Microsoft making even more of an effort to promote the console, we may be just around the corner from more details and announcements about the Xbox Series X.

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