When do PS Plus games change? When can you get the new PS Plus games for January 2021?

If you're wondering when the PS Plus games change every month, you've come to the right place!

Of course, aside from access to unlimited online play, PS Plus gives its subscribers two FREE games every month. In the past few months, these titles have included: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Sims4, Fall Guys, Sonic Forces and Cities: Skylines. So it's not just giving away shovelware!

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Keep reading to find out all the essential info on when you'll be able to claim the new batch of PS Plus games...

When do PS Plus games normally change?

The received wisdom is this: Sony tends to announce new PS Plus games on the final Wednesday of a month, and then those new games will become available on the first Tuesday of the following month.

For example, Sony would make an announcement on the final Wednesday of January to tell you what the February PS Plus games are going to be. And then, on the first Tuesday of February, those new games will be available to claim.

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When do the new PS Plus games drop in January 2021?

In January, your free PS Plus games are Maneater, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Greedfall.

Maneater is availablefor PlayStation 5 users, while Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Greedfall will release for both PS5 and PS4 owners. All three games will be available for PS Plus subscribers on January 5 and will stay there until February 1, according to SIE's announcement blogpost.

December's PS Plus games - Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena - are available until January 4.

If you happened to pick up Maneater's PS5 version quite recently - over Christmas, for example - you might be able to get your money back from Sony after reports surfaced on Reddit from users claiming to have received a refund.

According to u/BraeWhyIt, Sony sent them a message saying: "As a subscriber of Playstation Plus, we will refund the purchase price of this product to your Playstation Store wallet as this is a Playstation Plus monthly game."

This was apparently an automatic process not triggered by any complaints, and was backed up by other Redditors confirming they has also received refunds.

It is not yet confirmed the extent of Sony's refund policy on these PlayStation Plus games, nor whether it applies outside of the United States (where the original poster was based).

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