What is the number one best selling console? Which gaming consoles have sold the most units?

Sales figures aren't for everyone, it's not something that a lot of people are into. However, for those of us who are into numbers, looking into the best-selling console stats can be fascinating.

There's something almost calming about looking at stats and knowing that they're real and not being manipulated for some kind of nefarious cause. You know, the kind of thing a government would definitely not do.

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Given that numbers are meant to tell the truth, you can see past any kind of emotive issues or biases. So, if you're looking to see the cold hard facts, then they're the right way to go, usually.

With that in mind, here are the numbers behind the best selling consoles.

What is the best selling console of this generation?

This generation has been one of the best selling of all time. That's party because gaming is more popular than ever, but is also thanks to how good the consoles are this time around.

So, in third place is the Xbox One, which has sold around 46.9 million, Microsoft actually stopped giving out sales numbers, so the actual figure is hard to quantify.

Second place goes to the Nintendo Switch, as long as you include the Switch Lite, which has sold 55.77 million units.

First place, of course, is the PS4 with 110.4 million consoles sold. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this is that it is actually the second best selling console of all time too.

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What is the best selling console of all time?

Now then, let's not waste time here, you know that the PS4 is second, but did you know that the PlayStation 2 is first? With a massive 155 million consoles sold, the PS2 remains the best-selling console of all time.

The games played a big part in that success, but it was also a fairly good way to get a DVD player back in the day, so that helped.

In third is the PlayStation with 102.49, fourth is the Wii with 101.63, and fifth is the PlayStation 3 with 87.4 million.

Sony undoubtedly wins when it comes to normal consoles, but if you factor in handhelds, then Nintendo has a whopping 754 million consoles sold versus the 534.9 million of Sony and 149 million of Microsoft consoles sold.

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