Total War Warhammer 2 cheat table: Everything you need to know about cheats and cheat engines for the game

Almost everyone loves cheats; it can expand a game in ways that it wasn’t meant to before, and adds to the fun when in a local-multiplayer game.

However, while developers put accessible cheats into some games, even in 2020, there are other games that simply don’t feature them.

But this hasn’t stopped the community from creating tools to make their own cheats for certain games, such as ’Total War: Warhammer II’.

With that, here’s how to use the ‘Cheat Engine’ tool to try out some cheats for the game.

How to Use the Cheats

If you want to just get right into the cheats as soon as you launch the game, you can use a ‘Cheat Trainer’ program that binds certain keys to cheats.

The Cheat ’wemod’ Warhammer II Script enables certain cheats such as:

  • Unlimited Action Hero
  • Fast Research
  • Instant Skill Cooldown
  • Set Money
  • God Mode

There’s many more, but if you want to start off a new save with these cheats, it’s the easiest method.

This type of trainer has also been used for other games such as Resident Evil 2, Halo 4, Control and many more. It’s a unique way of extending the game, and it can make certain events even more fun, such as when you run into Mr X in Resident Evil 2.

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A Cheat Engine

Another popular method is to use the ‘Cheat Engine‘ system for Warhammer II.

This allows a player to activate a cheat by their choosing at any point during the game, while also adding any new cheats if someone has found an exploit.

You only need to follow this link and the instructions will enable you to have even more cheats activated in Warhammer II.

For a single-player game it can help prolong a game further, no matter how short or terrible the game can be. With these guides, you may find yourself enjoying games that you previously only played for a short time.

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