Total War Troy multiplayer release date: When will multiplayer arrive in the game? Is it still set for November 2020?

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Multiplayer has been a staple of the Total War series, ever since its debut in 2002. With Total War: Troy being released in August of this year, there’s been increasing interest in a multiplayer mode.

While SEGA has a dedicated FAQ page, there’s no mention of a multiplayer mode for ‘Troy’.

Many games and features have seen a delay this year due to the pandemic, so we may be hearing an update to this mode very soon.

However for now, lets see what’s been announced, and if the mode is even coming.

Is Multiplayer even coming?

The developers have been vocal with their content packs and mentions of mod support across the Total War games.

With ‘Troy’ it’s no different, publishing a roadmap for the rest of 2020.

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While the picture clearly states a ‘Multiplayer’ launch occurring this month, it’s the only official confirmation we have gotten.

The ‘Blood and Glory’ DLC launched, but there was no further mention of multiplayer.

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When is it releasing?

Put simply; there has been no confirmation from the developers. Multiplayer is a significant mode, and while it can be built upon previous entries in the Total War series, it’s still a huge part of the game that needs to work well with the single-player and DLC.

We are already at the halfway point in November, so we are suspecting that it could be delayed into 2021.

However, Creative Assembly have recommended to check the official site for an update soon, as that’s where any other details will be published.

In the meantime though, the game itself is a fantastic entry in the series, and we recommend to try it out on the Epic Games Store until multiplayer lands.

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