Total War Battles: Warhammer REVEALED with trailer, beta release date info and more

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Earlier this week SEGA and NetEase announced the third entry into the ‘Total War Battles’ series, ‘Warhammer’.

The spin-off titles for mobile devices have been doing very well for both companies since the first game was released in April 2012 on iOS.

With ‘Kingdom’ released in 2015, fans of this spin-off were wondering if another entry was going to appear; ‘Warhammer’ has now allayed those wishes.

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With that, here are the details we know so far for ‘Warhammer’.


As the trailer shows, ‘Warhammer’ looks like no slouch compared to the titles in the main series, with detailed graphics and a firm frame-rate being showcased below.

Throughout its 1:27 length, there’s plenty to like, from the detailed enemies and factions to the sprawling landscapes, there’s a lot to like here already.

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Beta Release

The trailer stated that the footage was in an ‘early alpha’ build, which tells us that we won’t be seeing more of this game until early next year.

However, they are offering Discord link to their official server, where they have said that more information on the beta release, and how to access it, will be coming soon. We suspect that this will be coming to iOS again, and Android devices.

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While no features unique to this game have been announced, you can tell from the trailer that this will be an evolution of the previous ‘Total War Battles’ games.

SEGA & NetEase have also said in the FAQ that.. ‘Total War Battles: WARHAMMER is a tactical war-simulation mobile game. From micro unit management in battle to macro mediation between players and factions, your empire requires your wits and strategies to stand its ground amidst the scheming Skaven and against the threat from rival factions. In short, strategy prevails here!’

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