Spider-Man Remastered: Why has Peter Parker's face changed? What was the reason for recasting?

With the PS5 only a few long weeks away, people are incredibly hyped to get their hands on the next-gen games and get stuck into some brand-new content.

Well, that and some people are really excited to jump into games they like that have been remastered too.

That's the case with Spider-Man Remastered, a game which you can get your hands on by experimenting with spider bites. That's a joke, if you want to know how to play it you can find out here.

One thing that's surprised people about this remaster though is good old Peter Parker's face. So, what's the deal with that?

Why has Peter Parker's face changed?

So, the remaster brings with it a whole host of new changes including a performance boost, reduced loading times, and a general feeling of shininess to the whole experience.

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that that's not all though.

Alongside the world itself, Insomniac has decided to completely restructure Peter Parker's face.

Now, we've not had this done to us personally, but it can't have been pleasant for the poor guy. Then again, maybe it's part of the whole spider power thing? Then again, maybe they just recast the character.

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Why was the character recast?

Naturally, the vocal part of Spidey is still being played by the excellent Yuri Lowenthal.

However, the model of the character has now been changed from John Bubniak to Ben Jordan. this has resulted in a very different look for our favourite neighbourhood Spider-Man, and it's because of Yuri's performance, apparently.

The aim was to help bring Lowenthal's performance to life, and apparently, Jordan is a better fit for that style of voice acting.

It's very odd to see, but it could be that once everything is in motion it'll look much better.

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