Sega Game Gear Micro vs Nintendo Switch: Which handheld console has the better specs, games, price and features?

In what can only be described as the weirdest of flexes, Sega has announced the Sega Game Gear Micro, which is a minuscule version of the Sega Game Gear.

It's a legitimately tiny little handheld that we don't think anyone was expecting to see. Especially as Sega was teasing a big reveal, which turned out to be, well, micro.

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Is it a viable handheld, though, or is it just a gimmick and weird marketing stunt/celebration?

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Well, we thought we'd have a look at it next to the only other handheld around these days; the Nintendo Switch.

Should you get a Sega Game Gear Micro?

The Game Gear Micro has a 1.15-inch display with some tiny buttons on a tiny console. It's not really something that most people are going to want to play on.

This is especially true for anybody with eyesight issues or trouble holding a controller. Which makes it a nightmare when it comes to accessibility, which is an important part of any console.

Each of the Micros comes pre-loaded with four games, differing depending on the model. Plus, if you want to be able to see it properly, you'll need to get the Big Window add-on for £200, when the console itself will probably cost around £50. So it's not as cheap as you might think.

If you want this as anything other than a fun thing to show off here and there, you'll probably be disappointed.

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Nintendo Switch vs Sega Game Gear Micro

Is the Nintendo Switch better than the Sega Game Gear Micro? In a word, yes. While the Nintendo Switch proper is around £299 and doesn't come with games pre-loaded, it does have a lot more variety. Plus, if you want to play retro games, then the Nintendo Switch Online service has you covered.

You can also just buy games for it, which is something you can't do with the Sega Game Gear Micro.

On top of all of that, if you are worried about money above all else, then you can get the Nintendo Switch Lite for around £199, which is roughly what the Big Window accessory will cost.

So yeah, the Nintendo Switch is a better console for sure. The Sega Gear Micro is cheaper and it might scratch a different retro itch, but if you're looking for the best portable console out of these two options, you'll want tobuy a Nintendo Switch Lite on Amazon.

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