PS3 trade-in: How much could you get for trading in a PlayStation 3?

While some people are enjoying the year 2020 (we assume, statistically some people must be), some other people are stuck in the past living their best lives with a PS3.

If you're one of those people and you've decided that now is the time to rejoin the modern world, why? Seriously, stay in the past, it's warm and cosy there and you can leave your house and stuff.

Also, maybe you're considering trading in your beloved PS3 for a PS5 or an Xbox Series X?

Well, if you're thinking about it, here's what you need to know.

Where can you trade in your PS3?

Look, we're gonna get this out of the way straight away. GAME does not want your PS3s, sorry.

The good news is that CEX, as ever, has you covered and will take anything from you, even an old Tamagotchi (maybe).

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Is it worth it to trade in your PS3?

Now the question is how much you can actually get for your well-loved console.

Well, the average for a PS3 is around £18 in cash and £25 in credit. It varies a lot depending on the kind of PS3, the storage capacity, and of course, the boxed or not nature of it.

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Should you trade in your PS3?

Right then, you've got all of the information now, so is it actually worth trading in your PS3?

It really depends on just how much you actually use the console. If you're on it every day reliving the glory days of terrible UI and Demon's Souls, then you should probably keep on keeping on.

If, however, your PS3 has become little more than a fancy table decoration, then maybe you should get rid of it. It's up to you, of course, but sometimes it's good to declutter.

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