PlayStation Classic trade-in: How much could you get for trading in the retro PS1 console?

As we approach the dawn of the next generation of consoles, lots of people are looking around their homes considering what they can trade-in to make their next big purchase from being too eye-watering.

Well, a fair few people also bought themselves a PlayStation Classic recently, and maybe you're one of those who've realised that the idea of an older console is a bit sweeter than the reality of them.

If that's the case, maybe you're thinking about trading in your PlayStation Classic to try and get some money towards a PS5 or an Xbox Series X or Series S.

If that's the case, then here's everything you need to know about trading in your PlayStation Classic.

Where can you trade in your Playstation Classic?

Aside from selling it on eBay, your best bet for trading in any kind of tech is usually CEX. Of course, with this being a gaming gadget, you would think you can also use GAME. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be accepting them as it stands, at least not according to the website.

We thoroughly recommend trying to do online trade-ins rather than in-store ones, but if you think it's safe to do so then you can, of course, go for it.

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Is it worth it to trade in your PlayStation Classic?

With GAME seemingly not offering any kind of money or credit for your cute little PlayStation Classic, all hope rests on the shoulders of CEX.

Well, for a boxed version of the console they'll give you £23 in cash, and £33 in credit.

You're unlikely to find the next-gen consoles in CEX for a little bit after launch, but you could always trade it in now and save it for when you see one there.

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Should you trade in your PlayStation Classic?

Ultimately, and as is often the case, it all depends on just how much you actually use your PlayStation Classic.

If you've not touched it since you initially opened it, then yeah, you should probably trade it in.

However, if you, or someone else in your house, regularly lives the retro dream, then you should probably keep it instead.

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