Which movie and TV streaming apps will be available on PS5? Media Remote design confirms Disney+, YouTube, Netflix and Spotify

With consoles becoming less and less about pure gaming, a lot of people use them for a multitude of other things.

They tend to be used as media hubs, and it makes life a lot easier when they get more and more apps on them.

Well, the PS5 media remote has been properly shown off now, and that means we have a better idea of what to expect on the console.

So, what secrets does the media remote hold and what can the buttons tell us?

The PS5 media control reveals all

As shown off on the PlayStation site we can now see that the four special buttons at the bottom of the media remote all have a specific purpose.

One button belongs to Disney+, one to Netflix, one to Spotify, and one to YouTube.

It's no real surprise to see Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube there, but Disney+ might not be one that people were expecting. Disney+ is still a relatively new service, but presumably, it's popular enough to deserve its own button over something like Amazon Prime.

It's nice to have an easy button to use for each though, and while the media remote definitely isn't a necessity, it's sure to make some people happy.

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What can the media remote do?

The media remote basically controls everything and you can, according to the website, "Quickly navigate media with built-in play/pause, fast forward and fast reverse buttons."

You can also "Power on your PS5 console and navigate its menus directly with the remote for ultimate convenience."

On top of that, you can link it to any compatible TVs and use it to control the TV itself, which might mean you need one less remote control in your life.

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