Overwatch 2 black screen: How to fix the black screen

Overwatch 2 black screen: How to fix the black screen on launch or mid game

Overwatch 2 black screen: How to fix the black screen on launch or mid game

If you are experiencing Overwatch 2 black screen on startup/launch or mid-game, we can help!

Overwatch 2 was released earlier this month and it seems like Blizzard didn't quite nail it this time around. The first-person shooter game brought a lot of bugs such as the LC-202 error, the authentication not working issue, and of course, the black screen on launch and mid-game.

If you are one of the unfortunate players who is currently experiencing the black screen issue, you can easily solve it by using the following steps.

How to fix the Overwatch 2 black screen issue

The Overwatch 2 black screen issue manifest in many different forms. For some, the black screen appears on startup or launch, while for others, it appears in mid-game.

While Overwatch 2 crashes after the black screen for some, the sound works fine but the game doesn't show anything on the screen for others.

Whatever the case may be, here are some tips for you to fix the Overwatch 2 black screen. Make sure your computer meets the Overwatch 2 system requirements before following the steps below.

If you are on a PC

  • Update your graphics drivers as it is the most common cause of a black screen.
  • Alt+Tab out of the game window, wait a few moments then try going back into it.
  • Try switching to full screen and then back to borderless. Alternatively, if you're already in full screen, just go borderless > full screen > then back to borderless.
  • Set the resolution and refresh rate to the default settings of your monitor.
  • Try lowering your graphics settings.
  • Disable overlays.
  • Close all other applications to resolve software conflicts and free up resources.
  • Reset your video driver settings.
  • If you're playing on a laptop, optimize your power management settings and graphics options for gaming.
  • Verify the integrity of game files on Steam, in case corrupted game files are causing the issue.
  • Try disabling your antivirus or firewall and see if it makes any difference.
How to fix the Overwatch 2 black screen issue
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If you are on Xbox, PS4 or PS5

  • Check that the HDMI cable connections to your console and to your TV are secure.
  • Try disconnecting every device or peripherals from the console except the HDMI cable, mains lead and Ethernet cable to see if an attached peripheral is causing the issue.
  • Power cycle your console.
  • Reset the display settings of your console.
  • Try lowering your graphics settings.
  • Your last resort is to uninstall and reinstall the game, in case the game files are damaged or corrupted.

Hopefully, one of the pointers we outlined here will solve the Overwatch 2 black screen issue. If it doesn't, your only option is to get in touch with the devs. Maybe a bug in the game is to blame for the issue, and if that is the case, only the devs can fix it.

You can contact them via their support website or report the issue on their official Twitter handle. They will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible as they did with the Overwatch 2 login issue.

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