How To Fix Overwatch 2 Login Error On PC, Xbox, PS4 And PS5

How To Fix Overwatch 2 Login Error On PC, Xbox, PS4 And PS5
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

How To Fix Overwatch 2 Login Error On PC, Xbox, PS4 And PS5
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Are you encountering the dreaded login error in Overwatch 2?

With the release of Overwatch 2 came a lot of hope and hype. There were high expectations for this sequel to the hit game and players were eager to jump right back into the action. But it appears that a lot of players are having problems logging into the game due to errors such as BC-153.

If you are one of the unfortunate people experiencing the Overwatch 2 login error, don't panic! We have listed some solutions below to help you fix the login error on PC, Xbox, PS4 and PS5.

How To Fix Overwatch 2 Login Error

If you were eagerly anticipating Overwatch 2, you might be frustrated when you realized that you can't log in to the game. Instead of logging in, you'll get the error message that says "Login Error: Failed to connect to game server. Please try again at a later time."

This is most likely a server-side issue, but no reason to worry about this, though. Here are some helpful tips to fix the login error and get you into the action. Before you try any of the steps we've outlined below, make sure you have completed the tried-and-trusted step of restarting the game.

Check the server status

First, check the server status for the game, to see if the servers are actually up and running. You can check the servers by visiting the Activision Online Services page. If the servers are down for some reason, then there is nothing we can do but wait until the servers are back online.

Check your Internet connection

If the servers are working as they should, the next thing to try is checking your internet connection. Start by doing a speed check and see if your upload and download speeds are up to snuff. After that, try the following tips.

  • Restart your router.
  • Terminate other bandwidth-heavy applications.
  • Disconnect other devices from the router.
  • If possible, use a wired connection as it offers more stability.
  • Also, try disabling your firewall and antivirus or just add Overwatch 2 to the safe list.
How To Fix Overwatch 2 Login Error On PC, Xbox, PS4 And PS5
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Are you on PS5?

If you are playing the PS5 version of Overwatch 2, then some users have reported that by switching to the PS4 version of the game, this appears to resolve, or at least reduce the frequency of, this issue.

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The main thing to bear in mind is that you will then have versions of the game on your console, each of which will take up valuable space on your hard drive.

Try again later

The Overwatch 2 login error is probably caused by the sheer amount of people trying to connect to the servers simultaneously. So, if none of the above suggestions seems to work for you, as mentioned in the error message, try to connect during non-peak hours.

If it is being caused by traffic on the server, then you are restricted in terms of your options for resolving the problem. Happily, though, traffic on the servers usually stabilises quite quickly in the days and weeks following the launch of a game. So in these circumstances, the issue tends to diminish quite quickly.

What Is the Overwatch 2 Login Error?

Simply put, the Overwatch 2 login error is an error that appears when you are trying to log into the game but for some reason, it does not allow you to do so. This can happen because of many different reasons and we will go through a few of them below.

  • The game servers are down.
  • Internet connection issues at your end.
  • Antivirus/Firewall blocking the game.
  • Huge amount of traffic on the server.

Try the suggestions we outlined above. These are your best bet for overcoming the Overwatch 2 login error and getting back into the game. Happy gaming!

In case you are plagued by Overwatch 2 authentication not working error or the rendering device has been lost error once you are in the game, come back here as we have found some easy fixes.

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