How to fix License Error in Minecraft: Pocket Edition

If you've been hit by the license error that reads 'It appears you don’t have a license for Minecraft. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Minecraft from the store' when opening Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we've got the answers you seek right here!

While the Pocket Edition may be less likely to suffer from the errors that the base game has, even when on a great gaming laptop or being played in 8K, there's still a chance that something will go wrong and the license error will prevent you from playing Minecraft.

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To find out how to fix Minecraft's license error, keep reading...

Buy Minecraft: Pocket Edition

If you see this message, it might be that you have been using an APK version of Minecraft rather than through the official routes. While finding a new APK may work, the easiest solution is just to buy the game.

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Sign in to the correct account

If you bought Minecraft legitimately and are still seeing this message, one reason may be that you have signed out of the account that initially bought the game.

Make sure to sign into the correct Android/Google Play account when launching the game.

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Uninstall Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Even if you already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft, you might not have fully deleted all of the games data.

To do this, open your files and locate the Minecraft folders. Back-up all of your save date and Minecraft Worlds, before uninstalling Minecraft: Pocket Edition and deleting the leftover 'com.mojang' folder. Once deleted, reinstall Minecraft, restore your save files and launch the game.

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