How to make Minecraft run faster: Easy ways to speed up your game when Minecraft is running slow

Minecraft is, and probably always will be, one of the best games around. Despite that fact that it's older than some of the people who play it, it's just an excellent game.

Sometimes though, you can find yourself getting frustrated by how it runs. Sometimes, despite the simple graphics, you'll end up suffering from lag or other stutters.

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If those happen, you might be annoyed and wonder what you can do to fix things.

Well, good news, here are a couple of ways to make Minecraft run faster.

Make Minecraft faster by changing your settings

As with any game, you can often improve things by simply making things easier to render. In Minecraft, there are loads of Video Settings you can mess around with.

While having higher settings can make things look much prettier, it also increases the strain on your PC. So, if you want a smoother experience, and you can't afford to upgrade your PC, and let's be honest, who can? Then you can just lower the settings.

Some of the key ones you should lower are the Particles, Clouds, Render Distance, and Entity Shadows.

You can also just select the Graphics: Fast option. This will automatically change the settings, you can find all of these options in the Video Settings section of your Options.

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Make Minecraft faster by managing your programs

The other main option you have is to simply close everything else on your PC. We all like to have a lot of things running at once, but it can impact the way things actually run.

So, close down everything that isn't Minecraft before you boot it up. That means no Slack, no Spotify, no Discord (maybe keep Discord if you want to talk with your friends), and definitely no Chrome.

Even just doing this can make your Minecraft game run much smoother, and that's what life is all about baby, being smooth.

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