How to fix a corrupted world in Minecraft:

If your Minecraft world has been ruined by corrupted chunks making it unplayable, we've got the answers right here!

Even if you're playing on a great gaming laptop or running the 8K version of Minecraft, there's still a chance that something will go wrong and your Minecraft world will become corrupted

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To find out how to save your corrupted Minecraft world, keep reading...

Corrupted World Solution

Here's how to recover your corrupted world and start playing Minecraft again.

Copy your corrupted world folder

The first step to recovery is to access your corrupted world save in the ApplicationData/Minecraft/Saves folder, and duplicate it. Once copied, rename it to something different.

Create a new world

Creating a new world allows you to copy some essential files to rescue your corrupted world. Just create a random world, save it and then close the application.

Copy files from your new world

Back in the ApplicationData/Minecraft/Saves folder, you will be able to see your new world has a folder. Select the following files (BUT NOT FOLDERS) from the new world and replace the ones in the copy of your corrupted world:

  • level.dat
  • level.dat_mcr
  • level.dat_old
  • session.lock

Note: level.dat_mcr is not always found in these folders.

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Open the copy of your corrupted world in Minecraft

This world will be called the same as your new world, but will have the seed of your corrupted world, as well as any changes made.

However, you will not have the items in your inventory, nor will you have your armour. You will also spawn in a random location meaning it might take a while to get back to your house.

We'd recommend temporarily switching to creative so you can get your inventory back, and make your way home quickly.

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