Hades 2 Infernal Beast Cerberus Boss Guide

Hades 2 Infernal Cerberus boss

Hades 2 Infernal Cerberus boss

Although there are already plenty of reasons to despise Chronos because of what he has done to our favorite members of The House of Hades, one crime stands above all. Chronos is responsible for the shades corrupting Cerberus and turning him into the Infernal Beast. Today, we'll go over how to defeat the Infernal Beast and free Cerberus.

You find the Infernal Beast in the Guardian room blocking your path in the Fields of Mourning. There is no choice but to face this powerful boss, before you can finally descend into Tartarus. Although the fight can seem very difficult, we'll go over how to beat Cerberus and free him.

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How to Beat the Cerberus in Hades 2

To defeat the Infernal Beast, you need to learn all the tricks up its sleeve and then counter them with appropriate tactics. We'll go over the Infernal Beast's move set and then some tips and tricks to remember.

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Infernal Cerberus Moveset

During Phase 1, Cerberus will remain rooted in the middle of the room.

  • Infernal Cerberus has a pretty standard melee slam with both of its front paws that damages an area in front of it and a bit behind it, too. Getting behind it is the best way to avoid this, but don't get too close.
  • Cerberus will frequently summon marks on the ground, and when these charge up fully, there will be a powerful explosion on the spot. You can take advantage of the charge time to get a few hits in, but I suggest just waiting these out.
  • Cerberus has a powerful and fast flaming wave attack that will definitely catch you off-guard if you're not ready. It is used if you stay in front of it at mid-range.
  • Cerberus will fire slow flaming projectiles that will cause a large explosion after a short while. Stay far away from these and get behind Cerberus.
  • While more common in Phase 2, if Cerberus covers all the area around him in AoE marks and you go far away, he will start breathing powerful flames and follow your direction.
  • At around 60% HP, Cerberus will summon some Armored Canine minions. You need to defeat them and deal some more damage to Cerberus while you're at it. He'll tunnel underground at roughly 40% HP.
  • While Cerberus is underground, he will summon Armored Lamia, Armored Sorrow-Spillers, or Armored Mourners. These are powerful enemies, and you should not take them lightly.

Phase 2 begins after you defeat all the additional enemies.

  • Cerberus will now move around the field.
  • His melee attacks can be devastating, so just stay on the run till he finishes his melee combo.
  • Cerberus will mark the whole arena with an AoE except the area around the middle. Don't panic and cautiously avoid his attacks here, as he's less aggressive here. If you're confident, feel free to deal some damage.

Infernal Cerberus Tips

Here are my tips for beating Cerberus:

  • Staying behind Cerberus is the best strategy, but some of the AoE melee attacks will still reach you. Remain cautious.
  • Make sure to avoid all the Miasma Cerberus summons, as it will depress Melinoe and slow down your movements.
  • At 50% HP, when it's just you and the minions, take this moment to charge up your Hex if you have good Magick Regen.
  • Getting a Boon that increases your movement speed is ideal for avoiding the flames as Cerberus turns very quickly.
  • Since Cerberus is stationary for most of the fight, similar to Scylla, you can take advantage of this through Boons that buff your Casts. Zeus and Apollo are great choices.
  • If you can summon an Armored Mourner with Selene's Hex, they can deal a ridiculous amount of damage to Cerberus.

With all these tips and Cerberus' moveset in mind, with some persistence and a decent build, you should be able to reliably defeat the Infernal Beast. This will exorcise the Shades and turn him back to normal!

Hades 2 Cerberus back to his normal red self
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Hades 2 Infernal Cerberus Boss Fight Rewards

Defeating Cerberus rewards you with the Tears material in Hades 2. You get 1 Tear every time you defeat Cerberus. Tears are used to unlock the Queen Arcana Card and some Weapon Aspects later in the game. They're used in Incantations dealing with Spirits and Sorrow. Yes, you should hate Chronos even more for making Cerberus cry.

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Who Is the Infernal Beast in Hades 2?

If you haven't caught on yet, the Infernal Beast actually refers to Cerberus, who has been corrupted. The malicious Shades in the Fields of Mourning have latched onto Cerberus and corrupted him to lash out at everything that comes its way. This is because Chronos kicks Ceberus out of Tartarus, leaving it no choice but to roam the Fields of Mourning.


Whenever you defeat Cerberus, you free him from the Shades and it will run down back into Tartarus. You can actually meet Cerberus here sitting near his Master Hades. However, to put an end to this cycle, you must stop Chronos once and for all.

That's all you need to know on how to defeat the Infernal Beast Cerberus and make your way down into Tartarus. For more guides, learn about the Hades 2 PS5 Release and if Hades 2 on Nintendo Switch will be a thing.

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