Fire Emblem Engage best units - what units are good to use?

Fire Emblem Engage best units

Fire Emblem Engage best units

We all like to get into some heated turn-based battles, trying to beat the enemy while defending most of our units, isn't that what the Fire Emblem series is about? But sometimes, we want to get an efficient list of who to get out on the battlefield. So, we are here to take a look at Fire Emblem Engage best units.

Naturally, different playstyles and situations might mean that these can't be the ultimate solution for all of your future difficult battles, but overall they can definitely help in a pinch or when you are just undecisive about who to get out on the battlefield.

So, let's see what are some of the best units we can choose in Fire Emblem Engage.

Best units in Fire Emblem Engage

Here is a list of what we believe might be the best ones to choose in a battle:

  • Alear: clearly the main character always has some of the best skills around, especially for Divinely Inspiring which can strengthen close allies and can also take some punishment;
  • Diamant: recruited pretty early on, he can take a good punishment along with having good HP and Def stats, and can also recover half HP through the Successeur class;
  • Kagetsu: available in Chapter 11, Kagetsu has some outstanding growth in Speed and Dexterity and has a high chance of doing follow-up attacks which can help you get rid of some pesky enemy units;
  • Veyle: she is a good unit to put behind your frontline, as she can easily protect everyone around with the Fell Protection skill (-3 damage and also deal +1 damage);
  • Alfred: recruited pretty early on, he grows fast in the DEF stat and is thus a good idea for the frontline, also possesses a skill which can improve his STR +2 thus allowing for some good attacking;
  • Zelkov: he also grows pretty fast in Speed and Dexterity and also his own personal skill can make him avoid enemy attacks pretty easily, even though he is weak on the attack front.

Which units to promote first in Fire Emblem Engage?

As for who you should promote first, our first answer would be the main character. While it is not as exciting as promoting another, you want to make sure that you can be the leader your team needs. After yourself, you might think about promoting Chloé and also Alear.

These are some good choices as they will be protagonists of some later fights around Chapters 9 and 10, so you might want to have them ready for battle as much as possible. Alternatively, you might want to look at the base stats of each character and decide on that more rational stat.

That is all we have for you about the best units in Fire Emblem Engage, if you are looking for more help on the game, check out how to marry in the game and how to unlock Tiki.

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