Fire Emblem Engage marriage - how to marry in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage marriage - how to

Fire Emblem Engage marriage - how to

The old saying goes that all is fair in love and war. But sometimes, marriage can just be that welcome respite from all that violent fighting and disposing of your enemies. Read on, then, to find out if you can have a Fire Emblem Engage marriage. In the game, of course.

Long since the series has been out, its romance options have been one of the most discussed features. While it is true that the latest chapter does focus more on the tactical and battle side, there are still ways to have that little bit of romance on the side.

Without further ado, let's see if we can get married in Fire Emblem Engage and how.

Fire Emblem Engage marriage

Unfortunately, it is not possible to marry in the newest chapter of Fire Emblem. But, it is possible to link your character with a significant other, by the way of a so-called "pact ring". The way you do this is by growing your relationship with a character by fighting alongside in battles and through certain gifts.

Those who were expecting full-blown romance options will probably be disappointed, as even at S-rank, those connections do not feel very much romantic. They have more of a "friendzone" kind of vibe, a strong friendly relationship, and not much romance to be found there. The Pact Ring, then, serves as a way to cement that special friendship.

How do you reach S-rank support?

The Pact Ring item has to be acquired first, this is done by completing a quest towards the end of the main story. You'll have to complete the "Connector" Paralogue, an optional side mission which grants you, as a reward, the Pact Ring. The item will, then, be stored in the Momento Drawer.

To give it to your significant other, first, the ring will have to be taken out of the said drawer and your relationship will need to be at A-Rank. This is done, as mentioned, by the way of giving gifts (which are unlimited in this new title) and fighting together in battles. Talk with your chosen special friend and the option to give the pact ring will appear.

That is all you can do as far as romance options go in Fire Emblem Engage. If you are interested in getting more out of Fire Emblem Engage, check out our guide on how many chapters are in the game or how to change difficulty settings.

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