Fire Emblem Engage Tiki - how to unlock Tiki DLC

Fire Emblem Engage Tiki - How to unlock Tiki DLC

Fire Emblem Engage Tiki - How to unlock Tiki DLC

When we play a new chapter in long-running series of games, one question everyone asks usually goes like this: is my favourite character going to be in the game? In the case of Fire Emblem, well, there is an incredible selection of characters in the game. But, in this guide, we will find out how to unlock Fire Emblem Engage Tiki.

She is a classic character of the Fire Emblem series, debuting quite early all the way in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Since then, she's been making quite regular appearances throughout several chapters, so much so that Tiki could be almost defined as one of the mascots of the series.

But is she in Fire Emblem Engage? Oh sure she is, let's see how to unlock Tiki.

How to unlock Tiki in Fire Emblem Engage

First of all, you need to have unlocked Anna in her Paralogue "Mysterious Merchant", which will make a new path on the map appear. Head west from the Bandit's Hideout and you'll initiate the "Divine Paralogue". Tiki will be at the Dragon Temple, but, unfortunately, she is behind a locked door. You will need to activate the Divine Sigils all around her to get access.

There is one north of the entrance, then the second will be in a room with two chests. Place two units on those Sigils and the door to Tiki will open. But hurry, as staying around is not recommended since enemies will start chasing you down the moment the door opens. Finally, you need to fight Tiki, in order for her to appreciate your strength and join your party.

Tiki's Engage weapons, abilities and skills

In the latest Fire Emblem Engage, Tiki can use several abilities and skills. For example, Starsphere which gives units enhanced stat growth when levelling up or Divine Blessing, which gives a Revival stone to one allied unit. Finally, Tiki's main weapon is transforming into a dragon with Draconic Form, granting +10 to Max HP and +5 to all basic stats.

This is all you need to know to unlock Tiki. But if you're curious about finding out more about Fire Emblem Engage, here is how to marry and how many chapters are in the game.

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