Fan-made Fall Guys LEGO kits look absolutely awesome - will they get made?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockouthas reached new levels of success since its launch earlier this month, becoming the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time. Fall Guys' social media presence has been applauded by the industry for creating a huge buzz around the game. Much of this success has come from the account's sharing and publicising of fan-made Fall Guys art or products.

One of the most recent creations shared among Fall Guys fans is a customisable LEGO course set up on LEGO Ideas. LEGO Ideas is a community-focused LEGO project that allows creators to pitch potential LEGO sets that, if they garner sufficient attention and support, could potentiall turn into official LEGO products.

This wouldn't be the first time LEGO introduces a video game-based LEGO set, having previously released LEGO Overwatch and LEGO Super Mariosets, alongside the LEGO NES. So will Fall Guys, a game about clumsy jelly beans, become the next video game to be immortalised in brick-form?

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LEGO Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Course

Retweeted by the Fall Guys Twitter account on August 21, LEGO enthusiast Ashnflash shared their concept of a LEGO Fall Guys kit here. The concept, which can be viewed on the LEGO Ideas website here, has attracted 5,915 supporters at the time of writing.

Ashnflash's concept combines elements from some of Fall Guys most popular races, creating one huge, customisable course. Included in the set are the following sections:

  • Starting Area that fits up to six Fall Guys
  • Spinning Arm section from The Whirlygig
  • Rotating Propellors from The Whirlygig
  • Two See-Saw's from See-Saw
  • Breakable doors from Door Dash
  • End section featuring a crown on a pedestal

The set also would come with six Fall Guys, including three classic coloured beans and three "wacky and iconic outfits" such as the Pineapple outfit.

In the description, Ashnflash details how the Door Dash section works, explaining that "Before you start you can lock and unlock as many doors as you want using a dial on the back that you could lower and put behind a door to lock it. To unlock it, simply lift it so that it isn't pressed up against the door."

Ashnflash also explained the benefits of including individual sections for each course. "The course is fully customizable," they explained. "[This allows] you to put what obstacle you want in whatever order you want in between the start and end of the course. Having multiple of this set would help as well, allowing you to actually create full versions of these levels!"

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Brickout concept

Aside from Ashnflash's concept, another LEGO fan, BrickinNick, created a LEGO Ideas page for his Fall Guys-themed LEGO set.

Rather than focusing on the courses, however, BrickinNick's set is dedicated to the 'Fall Guys' themselves, creating four different LEGO characters based on outfits from the game.

In the description, BrickinNick explains that each character "has a sort of "skeleton" that would allow for a wide variety of outfits."

"Each build uses a variety of building techniques to achieve it's look, with every character featuring pose-able arms and legs."

The Ultimate Brickout set includes characters in the Fries and Raptor costumes, alongside a bean with the Undies pattern. BrickinNick also included his own costume design, which sees the Fall Guys character don a LEGO brick.

You can view the Ultimate Brickout concept here, or watch the YouTube video below:

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Will LEGO create a Fall Guys LEGO set?

It's not out of the question.

For one of LEGO's design experts to review a LEGO Ideas concept, the design must reach 10,000 supporters. With the Ashnflash's concept already reaching over 6000 supporters, and BrickinNick's design currently sitting on just over 1000, both are well on the way to reaching that milestone.

As mentioned earlier, LEGO has created video game LEGO sets before, meaning it's not outside the realm of possibility for them to accept a Fall Guys design.

The company has previously greenlit Central Perk, Steamboat Willie and Flintstone sets, suggesting they won't reject LEGO Ideas that build on existing IP.

If LEGO does attempt to create the set, they would also need permission from the IP holders at Mediatonic and Devolver Digital. Given the support from the Fall Guys Twitter account, we'd be surprised if the creators didn't want their game to make its way into a LEGO form.

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