Fall Guys on Nintendo Switch release date could be coming soon

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Fall Guys is undoubtedly one of the most successful indie games to have launched this year.

Thanks to a mix of excellent marketing, some strong community management, and the fantastic game itself, a lot of people are diving into this brand-new take on the battle royale genre.

All of this is despite the fact that it's only on PS4 and PC. There are plenty of other platforms that the game could come to, and there's no doubt that players all over the place would be happy to see it on their favourite platform.

Well, we may have some good news for Nintendo Switch gamers.

Why does it seem like Fall Guys will come to Switch?

According to a tweet from @OatmealDome, a self-titled Switch tinkerer, there is a file within the Steam version of the game called NintendoSDKPlugin.dll.

According to them, "This means that the Fall Guys Unity project has support for the Nintendo Switch's SDK (not necessarily that it will come to Switch). It's also been there since the first version."

That's pretty exciting stuff for Nintendo fans.

While the file doesn't guarantee that the game will appear on the Switch, it does make it seem far more likely.

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When could Fall Guys come to Switch?

Given how Nintendo loves a good stealth drop, it's possible that it'll happen during a direct of some sort.

While Fall Guys is definitely an indie title, the sheer scale of its success means that it's quite conceivable that it gets dropped during the next Nintendo Direct, which has been rumoured to be this Friday.

If that is the case, then we can expect to see yet more absurd sales figures for Fall Guys as the Nitnendo Switch tends to lead to great success for indie games, let alone ones of this scale.

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