How to unlock fast travel in Enshrouded

Fast travel - Player stands in front of buildings

Fast travel - Player stands in front of buildings

Want to fast travel around the sprawling Enshrouded map? While in many survival and crafting games, fast travel features are absent, but Enshrouded does have one.

However, you will need to follow certain steps and stick to some guidelines to fast travel efficiently. In this guide, we’ll take you through how to unlock fast travel in Enshrouded.

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Fast travel - Player looks at landmark
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Enshrouded fast travel - how to unlock

Similar to other games with the fast travel feature, Enshrouded lets you teleport to places that you've visited before. This means that you can't fast-travel to locations that you haven't visited or cleared yet.

Additionally, with the presence of the Shroud in the game, you have limited options when you are inside the Shroud. Although you can access the map, the fast travel option is unavailable until you exit the Shroud.

There are no restrictions on the items you can carry for fast travel. Unlike some other games where specific items like ores cannot be teleported, Enshrouded allows teleportation with any item in your inventory. Also, you can fast-travel from any point outside the Shroud; you just need to pick a fast-travel point to go to.

To unlock fast travel in Enshrouded, you will need to clear the Springlands Ancient Tower in the early game. This takes place right after you rescue the Blacksmith. Once you have cleared the area and made it to the top, the tower will transform into a fast-travel location.

Using the fast travel feature is quite easy, as you just need to open up the map and click on the location that you want to fast travel to. Then, select 'Fast Travel' and the game will take you there. Also, you can have quick access to the last location you visited by pressing 'R'.

How to use Flame Altars for fast travel in Enshrouded

To activate more fast travel locations, you will need to clear more Ancient Spires or craft Flame Altars later in the game. There are five Ancient Spires scattered throughout Embervale that will become fast travel points when cleared, but you can always add more by crafting and placing Flame Altars wherever you want.

To craft Flame Altars, you will need 5 Stones for each. The higher the level of your main Flame Altar, the more number of Flame Altars you can activate throughout the world. It's a good idea to place these Flame Altars in strategic places that you need to travel to frequently.

You can deactivate a Flame Altar by extinguishing the flame. To activate it again, you'll need to travel to the Flame Altar and interact with it so that you can use it as a fast travel point again.

That's everything you need to know to unlock fast travel in Enshrouded. Before you go, don't forget to check out how to get Enshrouded Metal Scraps. Also, here's a guide on how to craft Bronze Bars in Enshrouded to help you out.

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