How to get Flint Arrows in Enshrouded

How to get Flint Arrows Enshrouded - character with helm standing on a clifftop

How to get Flint Arrows Enshrouded - character with helm standing on a clifftop

There comes a time when ordinary arrows don't really cut it anymore. You need an extra spark, that only the flint kind can give them. So if you've been looking for Flint Arrows in Enshrouded, we'll tell you how to get your hands on them.

The survival game has had many players enchanted by its varied gameplay, with many wondering about its crossplay capabilities and the Longkeep chest locations.

But in this guide, we'll find out everything about getting our hands on the flint arrows in Enshrouded, let's get cracking.

How to get Flint Arrows in Enshrouded

Before we get on the trail to find flint arrows, you have to make sure that you have unlocked the Hunter. You can find this character in the appropriately named Ancient Vault of the hunter. This place is located northwest of the first Elixir Well. Once she is free, you will get access to new gear and, among them, there will be flint arrows.

But how to craft them? You will need to get 10 Flintstone and 20 Twigs. In every bush that you can find around your camp, you should be able to pick up quite the rich selection of twigs for your arrows. Alternatively, you might think about chopping down trees but that is going to be a bit more time-consuming and you don't really want to waste all the time. For now.

As for flintstone, you can find it by mining in certain spots, such as one in the western part of Longkeep. Look for brown patches that you can see on walls, and you should be more than sure that that is flintstone ready to be mined. Of course, you will need appropriate mining gear.

Now, bring back all that you have collected to the Hunter and she will do the crafting for you. Flint arrows are a great resource to keep handy when fighting against certain types of enemies.

That's all we have for you on how to get flint arrows in Enshrouded. For more tips and tricks, check out how to get flintstone and how to craft glider.

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