Disney Dreamlight Valley Mobile: How To Play Dreamlight Valley On Mobile

Two people explore a mysteriously lit temple, with statues in it - disney dreamlight valley mobile
Credit: Disney

Two people explore a mysteriously lit temple, with statues in it - disney dreamlight valley mobile
Credit: Disney

Is there a Disney Dreamlight Valley Mobile edition? There will be many people who like the premise of Dreamlight Valley, as they have the opportunity to go about their business alongside beloved Disney characters.

So it would make sense that there would be a version of the game available on mobile, to enable players to continue their adventures as they go out and about, or don't have access to a console. We know it's available on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC. But it doesn't appear on the App Store or Play Store. So what's the deal?

Let'a take a look at Disney Dreamlight Valley Mobile and what you can do to play it on your phone.

Is Dreamlight Valley On Mobile?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is not available on mobile. At the time of writing, the game is available on early access. In this particular instance, it means that the game is available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. On other platforms, players can gain early access by purchasing a Founder's Pack, which offers a range of rewards for players.

As we said earlier, this is available on a range of platforms, but mobile is not one of them. Which is a little strange when you consider that Gameloft, the game developers, are primarily a mobile games developer.

When we delve back through the mists of time, to April 2022, we perhaps shouldn't be too surprised. The very first tweet from the official @DisneyDLV account had a trailer for the game. At the very end of the trailer, it reveals which platforms the game will be available on. No prizes for guessing which ones aren't included?

If you said iOS and Android, you've earned yourself a cookie. All the usual suspects are there - PS4 and PS5, Switch, Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and even the Mac App Store. Critically though, mobile support was not mentioned. And in the official FAQs, no mention of mobile support can be found.

And given that the game isn't even expected to have a full release until the end 2023, we don't expect things to change anytime soon. After all, they will be concentrating on making sure the game works, rather than trying to build it for new platforms.

But like any good fairy tale, the story doesn't have to end there. There could still be a happy ending, as there is a way that players can access the game via their mobile phones.

How To Play Dreamlight Valley On Mobile With Xbox Game Pass

While you can't download the game from the App Store or Play Store, you can still potentially enjoy Dreamlight Valley on your mobile phone.

If you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, then downloading the Game Pass App will allow you to access your Game Pass games (including this one) on your phone. And the process is relatively simple.

On Android:

  • Visit the Play Store and Download the Game Pass App
  • Sign in
  • Find Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Connect a Bluetooth Controller
  • Press Play

On iPhone:

  • Open Safari and go to xbox.com/play
  • Sign in using your Xbox Account
  • Open Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Connect a Bluetooth Controller
  • Press Play

It's important to note that because the game isn't designed for play on a mobile, it doesn't support touch controls. So you'll need to have a compatible controller.

How To Play Dreamlight Valley On Mobile With PlayStation Remote Play

The principle is exactly the same if you have bought the game for your PS4 or PS5.

  • Start by enabling Remote Play on your console. The process can be found here. You'll only need to do this the first time you use Remote Play.
  • Install the Remote Play app on your phone.
  • Sign in with the same account you use on your console.
  • Select the console you wish to remote play on. Provided you've set it up correctly, your phone will connect to it automatically. Once again, after the first time, you won't need to select a console.

This is an imperfect solution, but it is currently the only way you can play Dreamlight Valley on your mobile. There is always the chance that it will eventually make its way to mobile devices. Just don't hold your breath.

If you're playing Dreamlight Valley, then you may be experiencing the Disney Dreamlight Valley cloud save error, or perhaps the Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel Bug. We can help with those.

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