Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel Bug - How To Fix the Error

The Magic Kingdom, but covered in darkness - Dreamlight Valley time travel bug
Credit: Disney

The Magic Kingdom, but covered in darkness - Dreamlight Valley time travel bug
Credit: Disney

The Disney Dreamlight Valley time travel bug won't tear a hole in the space-time continuum, but it will make it next to impossible to play Dreamlight Valley if it happens to you.

Of course, this shouldn't be a surprise. Even the merest knowledge of popular culture tells us that time travel pretty much never ends well. And even in a Disney fantasy world, that seems to ring true. We'll call this McFly's law of unintended consequences.

Luckily, we can explain what's going on. Imagine us resembling Doc Brown and stating all this with a similarly wide-eyed, manic delivery. We'll help you fix the Disney Dreamlight Valley time travel bug, but we can't do anything about your kids.

How To Fix The Disney Dreamlight Valley Time Travel Bug

If you find yourself suffering from the Dreamlight Valley time travel bug, there is currently only one fix available to you.

You will simply have to wait until the date you skipped to is in sync with the date in real life. So we hope for your sake that you didn't time travel thirty years into the future. If that's you, then you may need to start a new game.

As we said before, time travel almost never ends well. But what exactly is going on with this error? We'll explain why it's happening, next.

What Is The Dreamlight Valley Time Travel Bug?

If you're a player of Dreamlight Valley, you'll be all too familiar with the many errors that have been affecting the game. Examples include the Dreamlight Valley cloud save error, and Dreamlight Valley crashes.

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While a patch has been released to address these and a number of other issues, the patch itself seems to have triggered a series of new issues.

In particular, players are struggling to find items or collect items, thus making it difficult to make any further progress with the game.

As a result, players have been resorting to time skipping (changing the time on their PC or console to make the game think the time is later than it actually is) in an effort to bypass cooldowns and resets, and make items respawn.

While this does seem to work in some cases, for others, the time travel bug actually exascerbates the situation, with players reporting major issues with progress being reset, respawns stopping altogether, and more. In some cases, players are having to reset their progress completely, and start again.

It seems to be a fairly serious issue that renders the game close to unplayable. And the initial bug that time travel is intended to overcome isn't a great deal better.

It's likely that such a serious bug will be addressed in another, future patch. So keep your eyes peeled for any further game updates, and install these as soon as you can, in the hope that they will resolve this issue.

Having said which, maybe Disney will take the view that people shouldn't be trying to circumvent respawns by time travelling in the first place. In which case you may be stuck, while they prioritise other issues.

Basically, don't time travel, as you risk breaking your game.

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