Deathloop Lag: How To Fix Deathloop Stuttering And Lagging During Multiplayer Invasion

Despite the incredibly positive reviews, Deathloop has still had a few issues. Deathloop lag and stuttering during the multiplayer invasion mode is a real issue. In Invasion, you get to drop into someone else's game as Julianna Blake to stop the protagonist from breaking the loop. While this adds a new twist to the story, it quickly grows tiresome if it causes your game to stutter and lag. You can't really enjoy the experience in the same way when the game stops being playable.

If you find yourself affected by Deathloop lag, then read on, for we have some suggestions. And not just suggestions about good books, or recipes, or places to take your Grandma on a day trip. Suggestions about how to fix stuttering and lagging on Deathloop, during multiplayer invasion.

How To Fix Deathloop Stuttering And Lagging During Multiplayer Invasion

There are a few obvious steps to take in the first instance, if you are experiencing stuttering and lag. The very first thing to do, is check that you meet the minimum system requirements for the game. If your computer isn't powerful enough, then you are always going to struggle to have a smooth gameplay experience. But assuming you do have the right hardware? Here's what we suggest:

  • A really important step is to check the stability of your internet connection. Running a speed test is always a good place to start. Beyond that, it's a case of following the usual checks: minimise the number of devices and apps that are competing for bandwidth. Try switching from a WiFi connection to a wired one, if you can. If you are having issues with your network connection, restarting the router can help.
  • Check the server status for the game, in case there are issues at their end.
  • Disabling overclocks can also be helpful. If you are trying to boost your performance by doing this, you can inadvertently cause problems. At its worst, it can do serious damage to your hardware.
  • You can also try to limit the visual settings on the game, to reduce the demands on your device. If you are on PC, try capping the frame rate to 60FPS. We'd recommend doing this via your graphics card control panel, rather than the in-game settings. On PS5, you can play using Performance Mode.
  • It's also important to make sure you don't have any pending system updates. So check that you are on the latest version of the operating software. Make sure your graphics drivers are fully up to date, and that you are using the latest version of DirectX.
  • On PC, you can try running the game with administrator privileges:
    • Go to the Installation folder of Deathloop
    • Right Click on Launcher.exe
    • Go to Compatibility tab
    • Check Run this program as an administrator
  • You can also consider giving the game High Priority, meaning more of the computer resources will be allocated to running the game:
    • Press Win + R, type taskmgr and press enter
    • Select the Details tab. Locate Deathloop.exe. Right-click it and select Set priority > High
    • Click on Change Priority

In a recent update, Bethesda have confirmed that they are investigating a potential stuttering issue on PC. They are looking for help in testing a hot fix, and are asking anyone who is dealing with this problem to submit a support ticket, to give them as much information as possible.

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What causes Deathloop lag?

Stuttering and lag are generally caused by delays in the data reaching the game, and being reflected on your screen. There are lots of possible reasons for this:

  • Hardware problems, such as your GPU or RAM being insufficient to cope with the demands of the game
  • Server issues
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Insufficient bandwidth

All of these factors can contribute to lag and stuttering. Lag is predominantly a delay between your input translating into action on the screen. While stuttering is more of an issue of the game skipping frames, which results in it becoming jerky, slow, and then your inputs don't match up with what is happening on screen.

In a game like Deathloop, where rapid reactions can make the difference between life and death, this really matters. Give our suggestions a try, and whichever assassin you are playing as, you'll hopefully end up with a richer, smoother experience.

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