Can't get into Hyper Scape after the update? Here's the official fix for your loading problems!

It seems the latest Hyper Scape update is causing some problems for PC gamers.

That's right, the joys of being a PC gamer are being scuppered thanks to some incredibly annoying issues with Ubisoft's new battle royale game.

The good news though, is that there is a fix, and not only that, but the Hyper Scape Twitter account tweeted it out because so many people have been suffering because of it.

So, here's what you need to do.

How to verify your game files in Uplay

The first thing you need to do is boot up the Uplay launcher, then you need to hit the Games tab.

From here, click on the game you're having problems with, in this case that's Hyper Scape, and then click on Properties.

Finally, you need to hit Verify files, which will take a little bit of time. Once it's all done, hit Close, and your game should be good to go, at least according to the official word on this problem.

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What is Hyper Scape?

Just in case you're looking for a problem preemptively, let's break down what Hyper Scape is. Hyper Scape is a free-to-play battle royale game with a difference. Well, actually, it's got a couple of differences.

For starters, it's set within a virtual reality world. That is to say, it's set within a virtual virtual reality world. Think Ready Player One, but not as bad, with better writing, and less "how do you do fellow kids."

It's generally a little more over-the-top than most battle royale games as a result of this. You get special abilities like being able to summon gigantic walls out of nothing, or the ability to turn into a bouncy ball.

You also get some incredibly cool weapons. Everything is upgradeable in each match, and you can even be resurrected by running around as a digital ghost for a while.

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