Age Of Empires 2 Update: Definitive Edition gets Battle Royale mode and "massive" changes!

The Age of Empires series has seen a huge turnout of players since the 'remastered' series first appeared back in 2018.

With the second remastered entry still going strong after its 'Definitive' release last year, the developers, Wicked Witch, Tantalus Media and Forgotten Empires, aren't stopping in making new content for it.

The latest 'November' update brings some much-welcome fixes and features, with the main topic being a new 'Battle Royale' mode.

While some may think the trend is cooling off after the phenomenon of Fortnite, the trailer showing off the new mode may re-ignite the trend.

Battle Royale Details

The mode pits up to 8 players against each other where you can train your army as the battle rages on, collecting supplies and building up your army to take on the other factions.

To show off the new mode, there is a tournament of players streaming off Battle Royale on the 31st October, which you can find the details for here.

This is coming to the 'November Anniversary Update', which should be an alluring mode to some for this game.

It's certainly a fresh approach on the 'Battle Royale' trend with an RTS game, so it will be interesting to see if existing players take to it.

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What Massive Changes?

Alongside the 'Battle Royale' mode, there are a bunch of improvements, the first one being a 'Fast Play' option that allows a player to arrange your army and jump right into a game.

The 'Civilisation UI' has been overhauled to better clarify the variations of the characters and enemies in the game, while informing the player of better decisions to take during a match.

Even the main menu itself has seen an update, where it looks simpler to navigate across the multitude of options and modes that the game provides.

Overall, these changes are huge to the game, and one wonders if we will be seeing the game streamed on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming even more once 'Battle Royale' lands in the coming days.

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