Robert Pattinson will be paid $20 million for The Batman 2

The Batman actor Robert Pattinson has signed on for full trilogy of Caped Crusader movies on screen. Similar to Christian Bale's Dark Knight Trilogy, the new incarnation of Gotham's vigilante will have three theatrical outings.

For future entries in the trilogy, Robert Pattinson will obviously have a much higher salary. Reportedly, the actor will receive more than double the amount of money for the potential sequel.

How much will Robert Pattinson be paid for The Batman 2?

For the first instalment in The Batman series, Robert Pattinson has reportedly been paid $5 million. For a potential second movie, the actor will reportedly be paid more than double that amount.

Reported by Warner Bros insider Daniel Richtman, Pattinson will allegedly be paid $20 million upfront for a second film. For a potential third movie, the actor should also receive a huge pay increase above this new figure.

Despite the huge pay rise, Pattinson will still not receive as much as prior Batman Christian Bale. For The Dark Knight Rises, Bale received a substantial $30 million paycheck. However, this will see Pattinson become the second-highest paid actor to take on the cowl.

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Future Batman Projects

Robert Pattinson's Batman project isn't the only Caped Crusader project in the works at Warner Bros. The upcoming Flash movie plans on having the return of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman. However, rumours state that Keaton might not be able to take on the role, leading to a Christian Bale return instead.

Furthermore, Warner Bros is allegedly pursuing a Batman Beyond movie with Keaton as the older Bruce Wayne. The studio is reportedly pursuing Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve to create the movie.

With all of the confusion surrounding who is the current Batman on screen, Pattinson is reportedly unhappy. In fact, Pattinson is allegedly unhappy with Warner Bros and their plan to churn out Batman content.

The Batman releases in cinemas next year.

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