The Flash movie plans to introduce Arrowverse's Grant Gustin to the DCEU

Ezra Miller’s upcoming The Flash movie will take Barry Allen through a huge multiverse adventure. Much like Marvel's upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, this movie will introduce DC fans to the wider universe.

As The Flash will be traveling through multiple dimensions, the character will be running into other versions of known characters such as Batman. Interestingly, he'll also be visiting a well-known alternate version of himself.

Barry Allen meets Grant Gustin in The Flash

In a report by Geekosity, it was revealed that the Arrowverse is on the list of movie destinations. Currently in its seventh season, the Arrowverse Flash TV show has one of the best versions of the character on screen. Granted, that isn't saying much.

In the scene, Allen and Gustin are expected to have a proper interaction. It’s not known if the TV character will have a new costume for the movie appearance or if they will reuse one of the show's suits.

This won't be the first interaction between the two characters. Arrowverse's huge TV mega-event Crisis on Infinite Earths had a short scene with both Flash actors. It wasn’t a great scene, but it was a cute inclusion.

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What's next for the two speedsters?

Both incarnations of The Flash will be very busy in the future. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Grant Gustin is still an active superhero in the Arrowverse. Currently in its seventh season, the CW's Flash TV show will get an eighth season next year.

As for Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, the future seems uncertain. Following a controversial video of the actor choking a female fan, there's some rumblings that Warner Bros is looking to replace the actor. The Flash movie will allegedly introduce multiple alternate speedsters that could have their own movie. For example, Grant Gustin's introduction to the movies could result in a feature length Arrowverse movie.

As for now, Miller’s The Flash release in November 2022.

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