Original Keaton Batmobile teased for The Flash by WB vehicle team

Plans for Ezra Miller's The Flash movie will see the character traveling the Multiverse to meet past DC heroes. Original movie Batman Michael Keaton is set to return, and so is his trusty Batmobile.

New images of the Batmobile have emerged on Instagram. However, with such a large timespan between the two movies, why is the Caped Crusader still using his original automobile? A mystery for the world’s greatest detective!

What Batmobile will Keaton use in The Flash?

Michael Keaton's appearance in The Flash isn't set in stone. While evidence is pointing to the actor’s return, scheduling conflicts may turn the actor away. In this case, Christian Bale is rumoured as a backup actor to wear the cowl. Although, a Flashpoint accurate Thomas Wayne appearance by Jeffery Dean Morgan would be a great replacement.

If Keaton does return, evidence suggests that his incarnation of the Dark Knight will still have his original Batmobile. Whether or not the character’s newer model will be destroyed is, but the iconic roadster will reportedly return for the movie.

Pictures Vehicles, a UK-based vehicle house for movies, has teased the appearance of the ’89 car. On a post on their Instagram, the company revealed an image of the vehicle’s turbine. As Instagram user emotionalvampire says, “definitely the turbine of the 89 Batmobile as opposed to the 92 version.” While both cars are very similar, the bracket points in the opposite direction in the later model.

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Will this car return in the movie?

Pictures Vehicles has worked on Warner Bros movies in the past. Coupled with the fact The Flash reportedly begins shooting this month in London's Leavesden Studio and the evidence piles up.  In fact, the Instagram account has published numerous posts from the studio in the past few weeks.

The Keaton Batmobile could possibly only show up as a small Easter Egg in the upcoming film. As Warner Bros is planning for Keaton's return in a futuristic Batman Beyond movie, the character has to have upgraded his car at some point. Maybe he's sentimental.

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