Restore the SnyderVerse campaign Van and Plane spotted at Warner Bros HQ

Following the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, fans of the original DCEU direction are asking for more. In an effort to Restore the SnyderVerse, fans are utilising the same campaign technique that saw the release of the Snyder Cut.

Inspired by a line from Darkseid in Justice League, fans are using “the old ways" to bring back the SnyderVerse. As such, they're using marketing vehicles to make sure Warner Bros is aware that they want to see Justice League through to the end.

Restore the SnyderVerse Campaign

The Restore the SnyderVerse campaign is currently going full steam ahead. Firstly, fans are responding to Warner Bros social media posts in droves to bring back Snyder's vision. Secondly, they're hiring vehicles to circle the studio’s Los Angeles headquarters.

At the time of writing, two vehicles have been spotted outside the Los Angeles building. Firstly, a huge fan. Lastly, a plane. Both of these vehicles are branded with the RestoreTheSnyderVerse hashtag in an effort to revive the cancelled trilogy.

The plane has a simple banner, but the van is far more impressive. On the side of the vehicle there's a huge screen with messages and videos for Warner Bros. With videos and images of the van being noticed on social media, Warner Bros will likely be hit with a wave of support for Snyder's movies.

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Will there be more Zack Snyder DC movies?

The future of Zack Snyder at DC is rocky at best. While the director will likely continue to produce movies for the company, the future of directing DC films is uncertain. However, fans are eager to see the director succeed for Warner Bros.

In light of this, Disney is reportedly looking at hiring Snyder for an unannounced Ghost Rider movie. Ghost Rider isn't confirmed yet and rumours dictate that it'll only get greenlit if Blade is a success. However, early talks point at Snyder's possible involvement in the movie.

Hopefully, Snyder will be able to get his vision out in some form. Perhaps the storyline could be continued in a graphic novel, perhaps not. In conclusion, it's up to Warner Bros to decide whether or not they want to please fans.

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