Zack Snyder targeted for MCU Ghost Rider reboot, says insider

With Warner Bros seemingly giving up on the original Zack Snyder vision for the DCEU, Marvel could be picking up its competitor. Now that Snyder's Justice League is out in the wild, rumours claim that Marvel architect Kevin Feige wants Snyder attached to an upcoming Ghost Rider movie.

Reported by Geekosity, Marvel is planning on bringing Zack Snyder into the MCU family with a Ghost Rider movie. However, the success of other projects are allegedly tied to Marvel's other plans.

Will Zack Snyder direct an MCU Ghost Rider movie?

According to the report, Snyder is currently just one name being thrown around for an MCU Ghost Rider movie. No decision has been made on who would be able to bring the character back to the big screen, but Snyder is one of possibility.

It makes sense. Ghost Rider has always been one of the edgier MCU characters. For example, the 2007 Nicholas Cage movie was a rather dark movie for children. On top of revolving around deals with the Devil, the anti-hero actions of the Rider were rather frightening.

Snyder's passion for edgy imagery makes him a fantastic fit for the series. While Snyder's DC movies have pushed for 15-rated material, Man of Steel had some gloriously dark scenes. If anyone can do edgy, grim-dark heroes, it's Snyder.

Even without Zack Snyder, the project is currently reliant on the success of Blade. As one of the edgier planned MCU releases, the introduction of Blade is essential to the introduction of Ghost Rider. The new Blade movie is planned to open up the darker, more supernatural side of the Marvel universe to cinema goers. If this isn't a success, will Marvel bother with the big flaming skull?

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Ghost Rider in the MCU

Ghost Rider was re-introduced to Marvel fans in the Agents of Shield TV show. However, by the time the show introduced the character, it was no longer canon in the MCU. With this in mind, the character could be brought into the MCU.

Some could say that it's too soon to bring the character back to cinemas with the Nicholas Cage portrayal still fresh in fans' heads. On the other hand, with Disney set to bring both X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU with new actors, it's not too much of a stretch.

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