Zack Snyder thought of getting Ryan Reynolds to leak Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder has finally released his version of Justice League, a marked improvement on the 2017 theatrical cut. Unfortunately, it took almost four years for this version of the movie to be released. When hopes were down, the director wanted the movie leaked.

When it seemed unlikely that the Snyder Cut of Justice League would ever be released, Zack Snyder believed it would be better for the movie to be leaked. In his mind was the king of leakers: Ryan Reynolds!

Did Zack Snyder think of leaking Justice League?

In an interview by ScreenRant for the director’s new Army of the Dead movie, Zack Snyder revealed that he thought of leaking Justice League. With fans clamouring for his version and the future looking grim for the film, his thoughts turned towards leaking.

When deciding who should leak the movie, Snyder's thoughts turned immediately to Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds is possibly familiar with leaking and with his endless charisma, he's also Hollywood's darling.

"Ryan’s a good guy probably to do it." Snyder said. "What are ya gonna do? What’s anyone gonna do to Ryan? He doesn’t care! (laughter) Zero f***s given (laughter). Good idea."

In the past, Ryan Reynolds has possibly been behind the leak of Deadpool test footage from 20th Century Fox. While not confirmed, the actor has been not very subtle about being the source of the leak. That original footage leak is the reason why we now have Deadpool movies.

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Future of the SnyderVerse

The future of the DCEU SnyderVerse is uncertain at the moment. Warner Bros appears uninterested in continuing the Zack Snyder universe. In fact, they're very eager to replace it.

For example, Batman is now in the hands of Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson in the role. While Ben Affleck will play the character again for a cameo in The Flash, he's no longer the cinematic Batman. Even Henry Cavill's Superman is going to be replaced.

With that said, there is a fleeting hope for the SnyderVerse. Reportedly, The Rock is looking to bring back Zack Snyder's Superman and Justice League for Black Adam. The characters aren't returning for the first movie, but reports claim they're being planned for the sequel.

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