Peacemaker vs Black Adam is a “logical jump" for the DCEU, says John Cena

It’s impossible to have two massive movie characters and not have fans wonder when they're going to duke it out. From Freddy vs Jason to Batman v Superman, a versus movie is always on the minds of fans. With John Cena and Dwayne Johnson both in the DCEU, could we see a Peacemaker vs Black Adam crossover?

John Cena on Peacemaker vs Black Adam

WWE Superstars John Cena and Dwayne ‘The Rock’s Johnson are both making their DCEU debuts in the near future. Cena's start will be in the upcoming The Suicide Squad as Peacemaker before his own TV show airs. Johnson is coming to the screen as DC's baddest anti-hero, Black Adam.

In a Den of Geek interview, Cena was asked about the possibility of these two behemoths coming together in an on-screen fight. With the two having one of the most infamous wrestling rivalries of all time, it would be pure fan service.

“Well... I think the DCU is making steps in the right direction, and certainly, there’s a lot of buzz behind Black Adam as well," Cena told them. "We’re all kind of under the same umbrella. So do I have hope? I always have hope. I know audiences really enjoyed what we were able to do [in WWE] and if we’re able to transfer that excitement and passion from live entertainment to the big screen, I think it seems like a pretty logical jump, but I don’t make those choices. So all I can do is just keep doing me, man."

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Black Adam could save the SnyderVerse

It’s been reported previously that Black Adam could be the best chance at restoring the SnyderVerse. Allegedly, The Rock is planning to keep Henry Cavill as Superman purely so the two can fight on screen.

However, there's no knowing if these reports can be trusted. With Warner Bros being “Aggressively Anti-Snyder”, the company has reportedly been refusing all ties to the SnyderVerse for new projects. Perhaps Black Adam could fight Cavill's Superman, but with a new Supes on the way, it seems unlikely.

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